S2E90: The Shawn Harvey Morning Show 01/21/21 - burst 37


See. The inauguration at all saw a lady gaga do national anthem. How did you Rock do she killed it. I liked that. I really appreciated her. And saying you know this is nice really outfit. Everything for her officials had that beautiful the grad. She she looks sort of looked like wonder woman like she had that goal. Mike yeah like i love lady gaga killing by say saw that movie. What's that movie called. Where that song came. What was that one a sense that movie and then and then and then jennifer lopez from the be x. Yes the be x. Borough don't twisted. She went down there. Jane perform and she killed it too. Yeah jennifer lopez celtic because everybody was worried because they were gonna limp saying because she because she is the strongest. she's not and. I felt like she helped. You know she didn't. She could've did this on a little bit more forceful but she held back because she needed to get through spanish ad-lib which was basically one nation under god indivisible with liberty and justice for all that's what she said she got high the dow part but when you were singing own oh america the great or whatever america the beautiful. You were a little timid but it was good and i really appreciate it. She sounded very angelic. And that outfit she was fo- show killing it. She had a rod there They took a photo shoot. She also had. I believe some of her dancers more support system there so that was really great. I thought it was really powerful. You know when she did that and also when they had. I thought that they should switch. I thought they should've had a lady gaga saying this land is your land known they should have

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