Wintry Mix Makes Slick Roads; Some Washington, DC Area Schools Close or Delay


The icy weather has left us with closings and delays. While federal agencies are open employees have the option of unscheduled leave or tell a work in Virginia Culpeper County public schools are closed No in person learning or online learning. With the Culpeper County Public School system. Loudon County Public schools will open two hours late, but the county says, because the forecast can change that could change to a closure. Prince William and Faqir County Public schools will also open on a two hour delay. Now over in Maryland, Carroll County public schools will be on a two hour delay. Virtual instruction will continue as scheduled scheduled in in Howard Howard County County public public schools, schools, but but that that counties counties in in person person activities activities in in meal meal service service has has all all been been canceled. canceled. You You can can find find all all the the closing closing And And delays. delays. A A w w t t o o p p dot dot com com and keep it here on w T O P for the latest changes as well. It's 5

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