Man Trapped In Natick, Boston Area, House Fire Dies


The latest now from WBC's Drew Mulholland. Jeff, We've learned that a man is dead after fire sweeps three home on Longfellow Road, a woman his wife wife did did escape escape the the flames. flames. Firefighters Firefighters were were up up against against it it here, here, the the flames flames raging raging so so fiercely fiercely they they had had to to get get control control before before entering entering the the home. home. And And that that took took some some time. time. Apparently Apparently he he was was neighbors neighbors in in the the back's back's on on fire. fire. Way believed if I sounded in the rear of the house Neighbors saw the fire in a fire chief Michael in teeny neighbors making the call. Firefighters rushed to the scene. But again, we've learned that a man is dead after a fire in Natick this morning Drew Mohammed WBC Boston's news radio, after

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