Verizon Business CEO on how 5G can solve the problems exposed by COVID-19

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The cross has changed everything. How do you. Prompt exposed by the pandemic shift direction of five g to make more of a solution to some today's problems. Yeah certainly covid has changed everything for all of us as we think about the impact of twenty twenty. What we're dealing with is going to twenty twenty one in what i would tell you. Rogers if anything is accelerated dramatically exhorted the forward motion of five gauge. As you know two years ago he s we announced the eight currencies five g. You don't be asset when rally on on powerpoint to concept to commercial scale ability and People of seeing the crab will requirements for. I work from home new models for telehealth in education transportation. It's really accelerated potential in capabilities. People are seeing or power affi- date so let's look until health service made it so folks were reluctant to go into doctor's offices fear of contracting covid nineteen so remote medical care medicine has been around for for years but really hasn't taken off in a real way patients and doctors alike. Were not super comfortable with it. House five g may tell best in more powell experience for people. He has so. I think there's a couple of things that have happened for straws. We think about where the delay really happened until medicine. It was than many providers couldn't be paid for services that were minister via telemedicine A different methodology versus face to face off the entire ecosystem is embraced telemedicine. Telehealth for verizon is very pointedly as became apparent to austin. Ruin care for boys. We work with our customers at the same time to say. How can we help. Redefine you models in a code environment. In one of those was telehealth the end Large apartment we do business within terms that healthcare space centered on for fifty visits to upwards of eighty five to ninety percent for general visits the nate. Now the silicate the telemedicine one of the really important asset for us in that process has been acquisition. Bluejeans we fire bluejeans a really great in collaboration platform back in may of twenty twenty answer. Hawaii the timing was not only for remote workers uses video collaboration tools for trial because it gives the patient the ability to work directly with their provider to have that video connection. Video in connection with a is very secure on louise platform something. That was really important in. Annaborough ecosystem is opened up to saying we'll support the financial capability associated with that. Which is insurance is paying for those visit so i think we really accelerated years what we thought to. I will take us five ten years to really pull that in reimagined models. One of these were doing. Now that i think is going to fuel a faster you begin to think about to see and you begin to think about how do you get. Some of those biometrics in might not otherwise. Get an in a remote and i is the beginning to build up people's healthcare her vials. You begin to work with the broader ecosystem understand. Who's the customer is. The patient is the provider is the administration. We're in having these follow customers based on the past five. Gb play really critical role because of the power of the capability five.

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