Q&A: How about an app to help people care for plants?


I've always had a green thumb. And i'd like to code. That's why my idea is to build an app to help people take care of their house plans. It will include lots of faq's in troubleshooting as well as notifications to remind people want to water. The only thing. I can't do is keep people from over watering but i'll try. What do you think of this idea. Bryan. what's up ban. Thank you so much for listening. Congratulations on your multiple skills. Multi-skilled ability green thumb and like to code. I think i want this app. I love plants myself. But they don't love me back. And i realize it's not their fault. I think i am the problem. It isn't abusive relationship. Which i acknowledge and i would like to change my behavior but i. I guess i can admit this to you brian to our listeners. Because i'm not the only one like there's definitely a market to help people take care of plants better. I recently met a woman known as the plant doctor. Who makes house calls to both care for your plants as well as show you what to do and what to avoid so. She's coming to take care of the plants and then washes there. She's also teaching you to fish but not really fish. she's teaching. you know what i mean. Now it sounds like. Brian wants to provide virtual plant dr services. That's why bring that up. Basically what he wants to do is virtual dr services in the form of an app which is probably a lot more efficient than going to somebody's house and probably the most common model for something like this. These days is advertising where the app is free and has lots of little sections of advice. You can think of it like a blog. That isn't chronological like when you think about creating the content for it. It is a lot like creating content for eight blog. Ray wikipedia style site and all. This information is then going into the app so not chronological just topical. But they're also like you know the advertisements a lot of what we think of as perhaps annoying banners pop up from time to time and often you know how annoying they are is based on the frequency and the duration of those ads and such so it is possible to strike a balance and provide good user experience while still monitoring the app now. If you don't want to knowing banners or any banners at all then this might be a good low cost app. When i say low cost though i think this is something that has changed in recent years as well like there used to be a lot of ninety nine cent apps and one dollar apps and for the most part those apps these days anything. That's ninety nine cents or a dollar is going to be supported by more advertisements in the app or opportunities to purchase something else. So i think it's i don't think you should sell it for a couple of dollars. I think that should be introductory offer or a special promotion perhaps but if it really has good info and can be a reliable guide to help keep those beloved plants alive make it a quality product in charge at least ten dollars which is still not a lot of money to keep your plants alive if you create a resource that is really helpful and is achieving those results and who knows this could really be something so good luck with that. I think it sounds interesting. Let us know what happens in. Oh one more question for our listeners. Before you go. How much room should you give to grow. How much room should you give. Fun guy to grow was just doing some research on this. You should give it as mushroom as possible all right. You're welcome go free to use that today.

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