443: Reviewing Sens Opening Weekend; Tim Sttzle's Incredible First Goal; NFL Playoffs and more - burst 03


Now probably care a lot more but the buffalo bills than the baltimore ravens and it has been a long old hall since the bills won a playoff game. Let alone made the afc championship game. I'm sure we're going back to marv. Levy jim kelly thurman thomas that oh for four team that went to four straight super bowls and everybody focuses on. The loss is not the accomplishment. You got to you won the afc title four straight years. That's unbelievable but because you didn't get the ring any of those cases everybody thinks of us a loser. But i feel good for bills fans probably a lot of broken tables across buffalo after that win. You've probably seen some of the fans over the years where it's become a bills thing bills fan thing where you're jumping off the roof of somebody's house to tailgate party through some folding table and crack in your head but yeah anyway feel good for bills fans. You know. it's funny you bring that up. I've been buffalo for. I went for the outdoor game hockey game the first first ones

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