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Bosses. Lt's 1 11 1, 10 sell things able to pull it out of Jason Tatum's game winner with four seconds left at the Celtics double team, Bradley Beal into its heart over on it inbounds pass. The strange stat. Radley. Veal scored 46 points, and now it's 11 straight losses for the Wizards. Would Beale scores 40 or more points? Yeah, go figure head goat, Scott Brooks. I don't know. I mean it. Z change that He's not. We're not doing anything different. You know, he's a great player. He's gonna have a lot of 40 point nights. He's gonna have a 50 point. Now you had a 60 point night. The guy's flat out baller. Indeed, Bill was amazing. Last night, Alex eventually the game one of the secondary capitals hold on for three to whatever the Devils In Goa. Ilia Samsonov gets within his first NHL starting over a month that coach Peter Laviolette get better as the game went on. In the third period. He made some really key saves for our team and to love is to walk out with the point of the capital said that what for their last five games college basketball in Maryland women did it With defense beat Northwestern 60 to 50 same story for the Maryland men. The defense prevailed in the 73 55 win over Michigan State. Spring training at 44 time for the nationals with cardinals and they enjoyed having fans in the stands about that 1200 fans spread out of the stadium of Jupiter, Florida,

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