Clear. NPR's Asia, Roscoe, Thanks for the update. Thank you.


Their future and heard from the former president Donald Trump. Over the weekend of the conservative political Action conference, he attempted to overturn a Democratic election but was still welcome at this conference. And what did he say? Why he went after Biden's policies, arguing that his first month has been disastrous. Trump talked a lot about immigration. Biden has taken steps to reverse several of Trump's hardline immigration policies, and he also focused on schools. This is something that Republicans in Trump's Trump have seized on saying that Biden is catering the teachers unions and not pushing enough for schools to reopen. Hey, did call out Republicans who voted to impeach him by name. But he also said that he's not going to try to start a third party. So there was some unity there. Is he running again. Hey, teased it, but it's not exactly clear. NPR's Asia, Roscoe, Thanks for the update. Thank you. Government. New York State Andrew Cuomo

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