They sit for any interviews


She's gonna have to figure out a way to start issuing some subpoenas. That too under force of law forced these guys to come out and remember the regime that Andrew Cuomo runs. This is not World where you could be openly disloyal to Andrew Cuomo and survive if you if you tell any story that involves Andrew Cuomo's wrongdoing, and you work for him. The presumption is that the hammer could fall very hard on you in New York and you look at all the stories we've heard in the last week about the threats of intimidation that that Cuomo enforces. Not just on people who work for him, but on Democrats, all through the state of New York, who he threatens routinely apparently to destroy to destroy and now so many of those Democrats now speaking out against him, all right more with Cam Edwards moron Andrew Cuomo in just a moment in the way these investigations Could be going. It's

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