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Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls we are back with another one here. I am here a minute friend here raul hernandez show and he says he is going to help us. Product ties your services without losing quality. Is that right rahul. More than just being said. We'll do it on his episode of the authority project. All right ladies and gentlemen boys and girls feast your eyes and tune your ears. It's that time again. We are live with another episode of the authority project. It's the video. Podcast streamed on facebook. Youtube twitter and periscope where we talked to digital marketers business coaches and creators of all kinds on how they built authority in their field. And how you could mimic their success developing authority building your audience attracting clients to your own business now without further ado let's bring to the virtual stage your host. Brian s arnold. We have back on his current. It was actually a friday. Be that way when you listen but anyways anyways we are here would ruin it as a chore in. I'm excited to hear what he has to say about partic- particular topic. How how're you doing to roll doing. Pretty good yourself now bad at all not bad at all the great friday. Great end of the week Doing a lot of what do you call it a lot of stuff. A lot of things a lot of things. Well having a lot of things that you is good being in demand is good. Yes absolutely so let's get started first of all. Can you tell us who you are personally and professionally hernandez ocho. The same guy who works in the professional world and personal world is known split. Difference loved to serve the walk. My dogs like to play chess. And i like to solve problems for companies. That looked to grow. Okay i love that awesome. So can you tell us what your current project is at the moment. Current projects have the podcast myself. Do you go to work. We have insights which is helping founders installed a proven strategies from our podcast hosts into their business news blog that i just do for for fun but also to add value to the marketplace end. Just a lot of fun stuff in 'em thankfully able to do and provide value to my clients right last question before we dive in. What is your daily routine. I actually outlined it in the book. Dr profits but wake up pretty early. Early has not been happening around the holiday times. Of course 'cause sleeping in wake up early pray workouts from there. The added to that routine is now daily writing. So that's thirty minutes to an hour just creative writing blog posts like that for fun and then from there doing the eighty twenty s for work clients supports growth and podcasting. So it's awesome. I love the daily writing. I used to do that for a did that for a year straight in learned a lot actually is the origins of this show. Doing that and i learned how to pile of streaks of doing that. Now i'm not doing daily writing right now but i'm doing daily piano journey from me which has been very interesting. Yeah let's get to it man. That's good it so why should one thing first of all why should one think about productized services in please explain what productized means for people who don't know that's good that's perfect. That's actually where we're going to go to anytime you look at it. Certain strategy idea or philosophy. You understand it. If i so what does it mean to productized something. It means to deliver at that same expected level of value consistently over time and we know that with services especially if they're done by humans not software there is going to be lack of value. There is going to be those hiccups. Going to be errors being maters. There's gonna be a cave. This client a different scope of work. How do we make sure that we approach everything with a methodology and that we successfully not only meet the expectations but also delight our customers. So it's important to be. It'll look that even if you're just managing small amount of clients but as well as marrying that your long term goals are you building a larger company that what you want to hire more people to come in and take this on for you. Do you want to scale you grow. Do you want to exit. It's mirroring those things together. But this is just a good cornerstone thing to have your business. So i want you to dive right into it. Take a step by step on the process of product. -tising off services. Just go with it. I think it's important to identify so after that initial sale is made right. So that's actually what your services began. It's the positioning of the service. The outcome the expectations and setting things right on the forefront and then from there goes straight into your on boarding and this is again looking at service spaced companies so this is going into your on boarding process and now with onboard. And you wanna make sure that you always get the right information the right intake within the time frame that you set the expectation to mess the important key. Step that there's always a hiccup between sales and transition to the on boarding team if they're two different teams. That's you also need to get off your sales hat and understanding. What are the essential items. I need to have every single time to execute if this is a creative project if this is a video project if this is a adds management project if this is a consulting project what are those things that those would be pretty simple checklists or intakes but then also identifying. How am i going to communicate this need. And how can extract that information from the person on the other side from my client and usually set parameters am. I going to be in their project. Management system of the my project management system.

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