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Welcome to abuse congruence. The american muslim experience episode one. Oh wait. I'm sorry you're codes and as usual. I enjoin by. Hey welcome back listeners. Welcome back We this is our first episode of twenty twenty one but it feels like a lots already happened in this very short year or short lived year. So far we've got a lot but here we are on good to be back and get you back with. You are things i guess. All things being equal These k- Have some family members were affected by cove. Unfortunately so bring them Just distracted long. I mean china. Try not to get distracted by polit political stuff and keeping on it super interesting but other than that just getting back in the swing of things in life and that of course keeping the family members who who were in their situation some. Yeah i mean interesting about the political stuff being kind of The least of all adjectives as you describe it but anyway we're super excited to have our guest on the show today and omer if you wanna honored as long as marquess. Absolute son is the is the host in senior producer who has been with. Aj plus since two thousand fourteen hoping. Watch the channel. She's a canadian so most of her life in the us and is interested in politics. Religion culture end She works to stay out arguments on twitter as she has a background in media critique and analysis in has had worked in appear in the new york times the la times courts the guardian salon. And of course aj so. Hey thanks so much for having me happy to be here. Yeah it's great and so you. Avoid twitter fights that that that defeats the whole purpose of revenue on this show. I mean usually told us that when we were booking. I'm i'm jay. Try to successful at avoiding twitter fights. That's right. I'm relatively new to twitter and I've unfortunately gone up on the deep end and But which is some of the stuff. I'd love to talk to you about as someone who obviously studies media is involved in media and I i i'm sure as social media being a part of that so But yeah i guess before. We get into that meteors stuff on not to say that Will be what i do want to start off with is not me but i'd love to kind of talk about your background in as we like to call it the origin story. So tell us about says aids origin story and We we'd love to hear that. I know that you did spend some time in the bay area. So i'm i know that's where our paths crossed on. However i know there's so much more to the story we love to hear that and you could start way back as a as you'd like sure yeah So i was actually born in pakistan. I was born in lahore and My family background is kashmiri And we're lake whereas a lot of kashmir's inbox on her infant job as well. We're like the pajama fight. Kashmiri's but like my family is extreme has actually retained a lot of kashmiri customs and identity. It's been that's always been really interesting. The way we kind of have balanced those two identities very strongly And like my family also emigrated from kashmir basically at like a little bit before and during the the petition. Yeah during the partition. So yeah i was born in exxon. And when i was about like four or five months old. My parents My dad had already moved at that point. He had moved to the united states. Kind of like take the family business there And my mom. And i filed suit and in nineteen eighty eighty seventy eight. We were in In new york. So when i was in new yorker basically up until the end of ninety nine early two thousand so grew up in initially flushing queens and then eventually to Moved onto a long island. Washington long island which is where i grew up And your basic so. We have citizenship. The only person in my family who has us citizenship is actually my brother. Since he was born there so we then applied for canadian citizenship and ended up in canada and moved to vancouver. I was there for up until i had to go to college then. I moved to montreal. I went to mcgill where i did. I from my undergrad. I studied political science in italy studies. And then i continued on ethicon decided. I'm like don't wanna do law school. Do i want do grad school. I ended up applying to only one loss one one grad school and because my french fluency at that point was not that great. I ended up not getting into the mcgill law school because they do require french fluency so I went to grad school. And i did islamic studies and that was To be honest it was the greatest blessing and it was the greatest blessing. Not because oh you know. You're studying islam except it was a blessing because Doing that masters program really kind of set the stage for i would say my approach to

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