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French lawmakers introduced a bill to counter religious extremism the united nations condemnation of the coup in myanmar fails the croatian government accuses four members of the european parliament of trying to discredit their reputation. And the hollywood sign gets a makeover. This is the world at large. We are politics one thousand and one. Thank you for tuning into this episode of the world at large. This show is free for everyone and to keep it that way. Consider supporting us through the lincoln. Our description you can support us by leaving a review subscribing and sharing with a friend as well now without further ado please enjoy this episode of our podcast. Hello everybody welcome to another of the world at large today as usual josh here to enlighten us. Sarah nate us in all the geopolitics knowledge of the past week. Oh yes i i. I'm just so excited. So excited to be talking about. Geopolitics was so much in the news. I'm sure you guys geopolitical experts are most most aware of this. Very true fact of how much stuff is going on this week. But you know what you know what it down for you very very interesting stories up so let's get to it. Let's get to it because there is a bill being introduced in france and this is bill. Francis has spiked quite the controversy around the globe. Lot of debate going over. It is a good thing to pass overall overall them. There's ups there's downs but is this something that we should be pushing forward And this has to do with freedom of speech regulations on this has to do with the general perception of what. To what extent does the country go in terms of pursuit being secular. So all these things are coming into question. There unfolding with this bill in france so so exciting so French lawmakers have introduced a bill which they said will help to root out radical islam within their country radical religious extremism general. But most people are like. Yeah you're talking about islam. aren't you of in. Because of all the attacks that happened last year this kind of response to that macron said. He denounced radical islam last year. In a speech he gave in november. I believe and so. Islam is the second largest religion in france as most countries in europe. It's quite prevalent because of all the emigrants Coming from the middle east coming from north africa. And so yeah that that's where they all go. While america has a lot of a lot of immigrants from south america central america. They have it from north africa and middle east. So these people because they're from these regions tend to be muslim and saw their fleet. These civil wars going on there or just conflicts in general be in. That's why this is such a big deal because Well if it's the second largest religious group the country and you're telling your in you're rooting out Radical islam than that could be offensive to a large amount of your population. So president macron has insisted that radical islam. Both on mine. The national values of france creates a feeling of separatism for those who prescribed to its practices. And so this all happen in response to many terror attacks which happened in twenty twenty by extremists. I'm so this is not again. This is not targeted like regular. Muslims has macron has emphasized that this has nothing to do with your your everyday everyday mohammed. This is. this is the Really bad people people who who are blowing up stuff like the for example Guys remember the famous infamous story of that teacher getting beheaded for showing a picture of the prophet muhammad. In what happened is a of some people they tracked him down in france on the went two thousand. They beheaded him out in. So that's a scary thought in in. That's what this bill is technically supposed to be targeting according to president macron but obviously there's some debate surrounding this bill so this was confirmed by the interior minister. Gerald darmon dominant in a statement. He said this quote islamism is a trojan horse hiding the fragmentation bomb of our society in the face of such a dangerous Insidious enemy which we know is far from the religion of the prophet of islam. It is normal. That public officials take unprecedented measures. So he saying well. Look i mean. It's it's dangerous right. It is rising up it is. It's making people very bad. People not people of the french republic and we got. We gotta make sure that people are very very french republican they have these virtuous virtuous qualities that make them a true true citizen of france in radical islam. Not helping with that. In fact it's doing these at opposite to to look into perspective. What bills actually doing we have to look at the french government efforts are that what the statistics from the french government so in twenty twenty And this is from the government sources. It says that over fifty thousand children educated from home are home schooled in macron. Made it clear that he thinks that this is where most of the indoctrination is actually happening. He sang these. People are not going to school instead. They're going to these underground schools that educated by their parents in the ways of being very bat frenchman. Underground zoom wifi. Can you imagine connections. Probably terrible at obviously this. This is the priority of mccraw. Saying you cannot go to these schools because it's valued that as you get a doctrine aided hand you are going to think in this radical muslims. They're going to come from from islam. It's going to be because they go to these schools to integrate. Every french child from h three needs to be have to go to school. That's part of what this builds introducing saying. You gotta go to publish west be recognized officials. School you're not going to school. You're not going to the shady school in like a million miles out of paris like you're not doing that. You're not doing that. Sorry a million kilometers for your for your guide to the conversion guys. And so we gotta do this. It's just necessary that everyone gets gets educated. Starting adrian anyways. I mean we might as well right. We don't know what they're teaching there. You gotta make sure that you're able to read you're able to regular. We'll do math. You gotta be able to keep up with the standards of the french government. It's it's gonna put a disadvantage of life if your school is not the most productive in teaching you think that you should not be learning some bad zoom connection or the event zoom connections. If you have bad zoom connection that how are you ever going to be virtuous. Citizen of the french republic is what i'm saying. This is what people are thinking. Back during the french french revolution. They're saying how are we gonna have liberty galaxy fraternity if we don't have good zoom connections. This is exactly. this is what i'm saying. And this is where macron is saying. He saying well. Zoom connection has man and so furthermore furthermore the first thing. That's introducing a bill.

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