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Probably safe to say the discourse on that one has had its moment in the film twitter bubble but we have not had a chance to weigh in yet on the show. So we're going to get to wonder woman nineteen eighty-four a bit later. I though another christmas day released that makes its on-demand debut this weekend. It's news of the world directed by paul greengrass and starring. Tom hanks news of the world is adapted from the two thousand sixteen novel by paulette gyles. Let's hear some of the trailer. Gentlemen my name is captain jefferson kyle kit tonight debris the news from across this great world of ours so they pay you to tell story. I never heard that is the thing a main could do not a rich man. Keep patients that you can see took part. Stop shop talk. You understand. English call says your name. Is joanna liam burger in the took you when they attack your family. Six years prior her mother father and sister over. Well i passed. It is a strange world. Michael when a tom hanks western directed by paul greengrass. Who worked with hangs on captain phillips after directing three of the jason. Bourne films gets lost in the shuffle. But that's pretty much what's happened with news of the world. There's been little talk of it since it did open in theaters. Some theaters on christmas day. It does come to streaming services as we mentioned this weekend set. Shortly after the civil war of the movie stars hanks as jefferson kid. A printer who lost his business in the war and now travels from town to town. Reading newspapers allowed to gathered pain audiences on his journey. He comes across a young german girl. Played by helena's zongol. Who was kidnapped as a baby by akilah tribe and rescued years later by union. Soldiers kid is charged with returning her to her surviving relatives but she'd rather returned to the kiawah the only family she's ever known that's the central narrative. But it's safe to say that's not what's most compelling about news of the world at least right now michael and i were discussing some of the titles for possible review on the show you lean toward news of the world saying this it would feed naturally into talking about how we get our news and what the news has been lately having now seen it. I'm pretty sure. I know what you're getting at but i'd love to have you explain and i'm eager to hear if you think this topicality is to the movies credit or to its detriment. Well you know when you talk about any movie or anything that's worth talking about in the culture yet. You have to respond to the times. You're living in doesn't mean that everything gets bent toward particular historical malay. Were in right now. I mean it's it's it's just sort of stunning. How distracting everything in the world in our country least is is crowding out so much of our head space for anything else and it's I think i think what's going on in news of the world at least As greengrass co wrote and directed it is you. Have you have a film. that's speaking i think. Directly although not too bluntly a to certain strains in the american spirit and the american sort of rugged individualism western ethos have a guy like Tom hanks character. Kid who's a civil war veteran The film takes place right around. The same time is john. Ford's the searchers it's It's texas in eighteen seventy. The searches was two years earlier. And you have a very similar plot line right you have essentially if you want to boil it down to the utter simplicity. Have you have an anglo older white male who wants to you. Know who ends up Rescuing and saving i guess with quotes around it A young girl from the clutches or the life. she's known a living amongst the native american tribes comanche searchers. And the kiawah here in this story

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