How Harry Styles Seemed To Master Dancing Overnight


Harry styles fans are enjoying seeing a new side of them an entirely new talent and his music video for treat people with kindness where he shows off serious dance moves in a phenomenal routine with be waller bridge. Which is something. Harry's never been known for don't forget even though he was in one direction. They bucked boy band. Tradition opted to not dance not new routines. But the video's choreographer. Paul roberts had total faith in them. Because whenever harry tackle creatively he goes all impulses to billboard as a songwriter and artists. For harry it's about detail about pushing yourself to be the best. He's always got questions. Why are we doing that should do this. We got to a point during rehearsals where i brought in a ballet teacher really to get harry and phoebe to open themselves up. Then we spent a few days apart. He had a gig. I told him to rehearse he sent me a picture in the most beautiful ballet pose everything. He turned his hand to two gold. We've got harry's video for treat people with kindness up at on air with ryan dot com

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