That's an on Lamar Jackson but still


Better receivers. Comedown. Robinson get get Lamar Jackson, Receiver of the out. Robinson reason be able to do with guys like Mitch trip Risky throwing him the ball. Get him to Lamar Jackson. Get Lamar Jackson some more help in the passing game. That's what they that's the other thing. They have to do this just at the end of the day. Is not a great receiving corps. Look what the bills did for Josh out. They get him. Stefan Diggs. And what a difference that's made this year. Where is that kind of difference Maker for Lamar Jackson? Dez Bryant? Yeah, maybe seven years ago. Not so much of the not so much now. To put it kindly so That's number one. Number two. I should say after Roman more imagination and more talent. That's what the Ravens need to do. But Lamar Jackson as the reigning M V P also Takes the fall for this one, too. This was a bad game from him. And the bad game doesn't happen in a vacuum. It happens with again. Inadequate receiving corps. Inadequate coaching inadequate protection. A really good bills pass rush that was going all night tonight.

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