Where the Far Right Is Meeting Now

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When i wake up in the morning. I go through a pretty standard media routine check. My news alerts skim. The major papers look at twitter to see what people are talking about the might read a longer story or to unsleeping or the new yorker. Maybe listen a podcast. Basically i wanna get a sense of what big stories are happening that day but when daily beast reporter will summer wakes up he goes through a very different routine. I have like a folder on my chrome of That's like thirty tabs. That i just like opened in the morning will cover the extreme right-wing rates in newsletter about it. His goal in the morning is to get a sense of what the far right is talking about. Go on telegram or parlor whatever site his up the time and then typically like when i go get laundry something i'll listen to rush limbaugh around that kind of just get the taste for it. I check the donald which is kind of the main pro-trump forum on it. So they got kicked off. Read it kind of built their own. Read it so. I mean it basically looks just like read it except there's no rules we're talking about the places where the people who've been kicked off and social media have ended up in their fans so already these are like kinda rough and tumble places will is spending his days main lining some of the darker content on the internet. So you have like a right info diet basically. Yeah very much so it certainly spend a lot more time. You know kind of unsavory portions of the internet But i was doing it for fun anyway. And that's kind of how i got into it. wait wait. Wait what yeah. Yeah so i come from a pretty conservative background checks. So i grew up like road trips. Listen listen to rand and like a lot and you know when i went to college my politics change but i still love these characters and I was kind of keeping up with them for funds several years and then kind of during the trump era that's when going to became very relevant and basically my girlfriend said rather than bother me with this stuff on a dreaded newsletter about keeping up with these characters now a fulltime job for well and

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