Beating Anxiety With Food With Liana Werner-Gray


Well. Hey guys welcome. Back to the podcast. Today we're gonna talk about anxiety free with food. And we have the author of this great new book liana werner gray. She's a good friend of mine. She's written the earth diet cancer-free with food and now her new release anxiety free with fooding zaidi's such a big issue. There's so many people that are dealing with at especially with everything that's been going on in the world today and definitely a key link between gut health in the foods that were eating and how our brain is handling stress how reactive we are The way that we are processing the things are in our world and sewing. Zayed's is not something that is You know it's not a. It's not an end destination there. There's a lot of hope for a lot of things we can do for it and really starts with our nutrition lifestyle choices that were making so liana. Welcome to the podcast. Thank you so much. Thanks for having me on wolf for sure and again. This is such an important topic. And you know you're a young woman and so anxiety. Obviously all all all genders all demographics steel with anxiety but especially women and would love to hear your story. Yeah so anxiety. Apparently this year the stats have gone up to one in. Three people are really struggling with anxiety versus one in five last year in two thousand and nineteen. Now it's already into two one now. Yes so it's anxieties to skyrocketed and it does affect everyone end a small amount of anxiety to as a stress response is considered healthy. So if something happens to us and we naturally feel that stress. It's the mind in the body's way of saying okay need to have a resolution for this but anxiety that is happening for hours or days days. That is a severe anxiety that we need to be suffering worth of struggling with end. What i discovered was that there are actually some really simple and quick effective ways to clear out anxiety and he'll it especially with focusing on nutrition. Sir i was experiencing heightened amount of anxiety and i was curious as to where it was coming from because i have a lot of faith believe in god and goddess like dart have anxiety costs. All your kids on me. And i was constantly doing that so i was like. I don't think it's coming from from a spiritual reason. And i thought i don't think it's coming from a mental or emotional reason either and i thought this might be purely chemical and it could be a chemistry balanced my brain and so i went and got a blood tests. Done and sure enough isn't in one of the main things that if we're deficient in that we will have anxiety. According to science so short enough. I was deficient in her mega. Three fatty acids and my started taking fish oil supplements Wild fish and then eating more cheese hemp seeds and a matter of days. I could feel the difference. My brain felt more if that's visual. Nfl less scotteri. My nervous system felt more common for chris. I didn't feel more tired. I felt more alert and energize and it was incredible feeling and i thought wow if this is if it's as simple as this and a lotta people are also chemically imbalanced with their physical buddy than i wanna share this answer. I really went down the rabbit hall set of researching putting this book together and found out a lot of other nutritional reasons for the causes of anxiety and then do a lotta research. What foods can help clear out. And then what food. You're actually proven genetic that actually causes anxiety as soon as we put them into a mouse. Yeah it's a really good. Really good intro to this topic. And so we know that fish oil. Epa ya the long chain omega threes really play important role in the brain and also play important role in our inflammatory process. And so you know where people have been told when they have mood disorders that these things are chemical imbalances but the chemical imbalance is really downstream. It's you know it's not. The root cause cause oftentimes has to do with nutrient deficiencies and chronic inflammation. In the brain. We have inflammation in the brain. Were going to be more. Reactive are neurons can be closer to thresholds. they're going to be Firing off from stimuli. That probably probably shouldn't be firing off from right. Which makes them more reactive. And you know makes you have a lot more. Cha challenges just trying to control your emotions and so glad that you're able to figure that out and make a threes are really critical at this. So let's talk about the relationship between the gut and what's happening in the gut and what's happening in the brain. Yeah we'll i know you're a gun expert and i love the work that you do on this and serve all of the studies on anxiety pointed to the gut brain connection and how connected they are and that we have certain gut microbiome fascinating studies. That i found was that people with anxiety have a difference dot microbiome than people who dart have severe anxiety. That was fascinating to me. So then that tells us that we can change our gut microbiome and that will therefore change the anxiety that we experience and then we can also work on the the brain pot a bit and the part of it will reduce that. That's also going to change our gut microbiome so they work hand in hand with each other and so in my book. It's full of recipes and foods that really helped cultivate are very a very healthy gut. Microbiome and healthy gut environment and helped clear out d talks. I'm a huge advocate for detoxing especially people are just new to getting into this then. A detox is totally critical to clean out. That you know the dirty water so to speak dirty water we can fill it out with the clean water so doing a detox to clear out the gut and then start rebuilding it with all the good stuff and that helps out brain sorry much. Their source are connected that gut brain connection.

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