A highlight from Justin Venn| PART 2|The plot thickens..search for truth


Rona may be a priest. I mean they must really be scraping the barrel. A what was actually organically. Was the oddest in you or was it the priest in you know what i would say would say the autism mean. Look at the end of the day the same. But let's say the artist. Because i didn't know anything about spirituality other ninety priesthood and even when i became a priest when i was often priesthood. It wasn't what i was looking for. You know when when. I was detained the day. Our as dana priest dad dad came up to me and he said he said now understand. Understand all these years all your life. You've been a priest. We just didn't know it because we didn't know what was and luckily made an impression on me because it's not exact ally it you know but i suppose in his saints. Yes that's true. I have always looked for this. I have always tried to be in. This element even wasn't formerly would end as a priest. Not sal i was running around being Help nice to people and looking after them. Of course not. It's not really who. I was much selfish. But but in any case this idea of of administering the sacraments being being somebody who communicates with god and brings that back in some way or other and community to the people and before that would be my ought to know that you have this inspiration. You know you you have to tap into whatever your creativity which into the as some kind of divine inspiration and and then you have to create you have to you. You're never create just for yourself. I mean you know you create for for people you create that something that's going to be shutting. That's gonna have

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