Senate acquits Donald Trump of inciting the deadly Capitol riot in Washington, DC


Senate has voted to acquit former President Trump in a 57 to 43 vote 57 to convict 43 to acquit. Seven Republican senators joined Democrats to vote trump guilty of incitement of insurrection. But that was not the amount of votes needed to do a conviction that includes Senator Susan Collins of Maine. The abuse of power. And betrayal of his oath by President Trump. Meet the constitutional standard off high crimes and misdemeanors again. The Senate failed to reach a two thirds majority with 10 votes shy of a conviction. After the vote. Former President Trump's attorney, Michael Vander Wien, appeal for unity. Our country needs toe face the business in front of it with all seriousness and purpose, love and peace in our hearts and move the ball forward so that this great nation can get a strong as possible in the face of this pandemic. Former President Trump is welcoming his second impeachment acquittal and slamming the trial is yet another phase of the greatest witch hunt in the history of our country. Trump released a statement telling his supporters that the movement to make America great again has only just begun and that he will have more to share with them in the months ahead,

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