Analysis: Liverpool's Latest Loss



Craig. It was just six minutes of madness. Wasn't it yeah and sort of madness. I think exemplifies season. Yes they are of the title race. Those maybe not be but they are fighting donald for the top four. I mean a couple of teams that can go within a point of them with the game and honduras botham three points behind them with thank three games in hans. They've got a real gunfight for the champions league places next year the injuries of taken toll the were way to open nicotrol. The game from most parts play some nice stuff again and scored a wonderful goal. But they've been so open at the bark and vowed a couple of opportunities in the falstaff and when the opportunity came along and the second half of course another calamity the buck. I don't think i could believe what you see it on the sidelines. But that's the reality of it. That's the have claimed. Playoff possession bring yang suzanne. And as i say after a fantastic couple years. They're fighting as shop for frank. How do you explain what happened in that second half once. Alas scored brilliant assists from amino. You thought this is good for liverpool. They should go on to win this game and then just well. It's food war. We would say. But i i i wonder if one vandyke would have been the central defense it would have been the same story and maybe the conclusion of what happened the all season long for liverpool that they lost too many main players To make sure that it could compete with the others. Nothing to do with scott back. I think i did the job. But at least on who has been absolutely perfect for liverpool add to dreadful games And cost kind of six points to two to liverpool and six very important points. he cannot football with. Sometimes you don't know what's going on you know. Even if you have very experienced players the case of anderson's than i do and some others could be enough to to win a game away from home again. The dominated putting sixty their mind and the lost game so stupidly. I will say that there is nothing else to say but while let's see next season because there's nothing to expect from the from neva put until the end of the season. I think as mentioned again another mistake from allison of course after those two big mistakes and managed to city match as well from coach's perspective. How do you deal with that. what. I'm sure that you klopp kind of sits down has a maybe a couple of coffee with him or or maybe even a beer and talk through those mistakes and that just normal is a is a human being there will be moments where you make mistakes and and obviously cost him because a malaga an because Obviously mentioned the city is is kind of just flying away on their way to the title and nobody can stop them and liverpool is going through some some difficult moments. But it's also understandable as frank said. You know it's all dykes injury. And then other injuries kind of got ended on and and for three years they played mos amazing football on the planet. They were flying. I always call him up. Two hundred mph and and it's it's it was so enjoyable or is still enjoyable to watch them but it's it's normal that it comes now a period of time where things don't work out the they're not gonna win the championship for sure not But there's still have to get into the champions league. I mean you've got to give leicester a huge compliment for the season that they play So far but but when things like that happen. Individual mistakes happen especially a goalkeeper. You just need to to be with him. You gotta gave him all the support in the world and and Have a talk with him and and make sure that he kind of refocuses and and put it out of his mind because it it always. The next game is in a few days again

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