Don't Count Out Kacper Zuk

The Mini-Break


Zouk. I mean you look at his effectiveness against graduates. Made seventy percent of his first serves was twenty seven of thirty on first-serve points in the match nine of thirteen on second serve points so again. He's thirty six of forty three only lost seven points on serve throughout the duration of the entire match. That's freaking nuts and look casper soup another guy who only six feet tall but very alejandro davidovich fokina e davi go fanny in his athleticism. The word that comes to mind is just spring. He's a good athlete. He's gonna track down that extra ball in the corner. He the ball is going to explode off of his strings. His first serve is absolutely a weapon. You look for casper zouk over his last fifty two weeks. This is a guy who has had a ton of success onto or you look overall. Where's he at. In terms of his record. Casper zouk thirty three and nine in his last fifty two weeks onto or now you expand that to twenty nineteen he seventy and twenty eight overall in his last two seasons seven itf titles in eight total finals. Of course unlike Evan furnace looked for casper. Zoo he already has a semi-final at a challenger level under his belt made the semifinals. in calgary. last year he knocked off asheq pospisil in three sets. We all know when onto have a very successful. Indoor hardcourt season was in the midst. I should say of a very successful indoor hardcourt season when he lost that match in calgary but yeah for zouk seven titles in eight finals like everyone gets angry because fa doesn't win enough in finals. Casper's zook is winning and finals and again nine tara. Seven ten in his career and challenger matches. That's not great but it's not horrible.

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