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Has expressed concern over the price tag of the president's coronavirus relief package. The White House and congressional Democrats appear to be leaning towards going it alone. The notion here is way we have to act. Now there's no time for any delay, Republicans have proposed breaking the package down into separate parts. Something else. Republicans don't like the executive actions and order signed by the president, one after another after another, a veritable blizzard of executive orders and directives for the new administration combined 40 and all but whether it's halting drilling on federal lands, stopping the Keystone XL pipeline or ending construction on the border wall critics charged. The one thing this administration has done plenty of in 10 days is killed jobs. Boxes Kevin Corke next week, the president is expected to announce a new task force to help reunite families separated at our southern border. Wall Street's gamble on Gamestop has lawmakers in both parties calling for an investigation. Short selling hedge funds lost billions of dollars after a wave of day traders using the trading APP Robin Hood. Push the struggling stock higher When this ends, it's gonna end badly for the people who buy in late just as it went very badly for the hedge funds who shorted early. The hedge funds need to live with the consequences of that they've lost. Some of them lost a boatload of money. Senate Republican Pat Toomey, the weather system that dumped massive amounts of rain on Southern California is working its way East. That system now moving here across parts of the central Plains, and this is going to be a slow moving system screaming. A lot of rain is gonna bring a lot of snow thoughts. Meteorologist Rick Reichmuth, parts of the East could get up to a foot of snow. America's listening to Fox News. It's Austin left. New Year's resolutions come and go, So your business needs more than that. Get solutions with Comcast business with fast Internet and advanced WiFi, powerful cyber security solutions,

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