Why Cruising Is Not Being Unfairly Treated (Podcast)


Why is quizzing being treated differently to other travel and is being treated unfairly or not. I'm gary bambridge. And i have been thinking about and looking at these questions for many many months now as a major major cruise fan where ended up may though actually come as a surprise to some of you first off. Let's be really clear. And i want to discard one of myth and make a point that i do believe in very strongly that does set all of this up people flying around the world with few restrictions and little controls other than i guess in australia and new zealand were undoubtedly the main culprits spreading this really infectious virus. All around the world it's not cruising and cruises the real big issue in my view is that the restrictions the precautions on flying driving train to cross borders between countries they were too lax so while cruising was shuttered to stop transmission and stop spread other travel forms. Of course we're not getting drunk on flying and the other forms of travel and letting people go on land based vacations does not necessarily mean that the approach on cruising has been totally wrong now. As i discuss during this episode. I think you're gonna find the money to believe that wasn't necessarily wrong. But i believe it's actually gonna benefit cruising in the short medium and the long term a first of all the reality is that the majority of cruise passengers of those who've been shown to be the most vulnerable getting seriously ill ending up in hospital and dine from cova that is just kind of effect. So although the average age of cruisers according to clear anyway is forty. Six point seven years it actually hides the actual split who's really cruising and hides reality that most cruises an old spectrum way over half of passengers who go cruising are over fifty years and then cover about a third of the population in countries like the us the uk and so on so over half of the fifty thirty. Three percents of third of passengers are actually sixty years or older and the biggest passenger age group in total is the age of sixty to sixty nine now eight out of ten deaths from covert whereby people over the age of fifty today. That's according to the us cdc. Why don't you get under that age. The risk of hospitalization and dying force really really dramatically. Even early on before the shutdown. They were proposals. Put forward by clear for example to kind of put restrictions on his seventy cruising and even people like me and my sixties. There was lots of talk about having to get medical certificates and santa cruz. The us and uk should advise against other people cruising because of the risk of what happens if all the people contract covert. The age of travels on flights lambaste. Vacations is going to be much broader than his own cruising probably also even younger and he's an average and overall now. We don't all necessarily outcome. And implication. I guess but i guess we can see if we think about it logically. Why governments have taken a conservative you on cruising with that older profile of rule because they have a duty felt they needed to protect people over fifty sixty seventy eighty and so on and they've done it on land as the pandemic emerged. Many of those age had to shields completely and they are the priority for having vaccines. Ironically this approach this protection could also be away of aiding an accelerated opening for cruising as we head through this year. Because there's very same people that they are trying to protect are also the ones that are going to be vaccinated early and by some pretty much. Everyone in those age groups everywhere would have been vaccinated. We've seen vaccination of this age group helping lines that cater for travels like saga american steamboat. Victory their aucoin vaccines because they can open with an older age group. Exciting the european river cruise people secondly the next major factor for taking a strict approach which i think is probably understandable on some levels is cruises are a social experience where people mix in numbers. They go dining. We've got a bars. We go to the theater. We got godly. We've got a debt. Parties going to nightclubs gone group excursions. All of those social things that we have learned are perfect for spreading the virus. Whether it's at land or at sea they are an issue. It's not just see related thing. Social contact is the big risk and social contact is exactly what cruising is we go on vacation go on cruises to engage onto interact to go to meet people bearing in mind most of those activities that we do in the day and the night on a cruise are the very same ones that have been shut down on land but they are integral to the cruise experience.

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