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Hey my name is charlie hickey. And that was my song. Ten feet tall in case you're wondering that was the one and only phoebe bridges on the background vocals. I met phoebe when i was about thirteen. That's when i saw her play for the first time in my little self was completely blown away. She was like one of my first favourite songwriters. i went and did a cover of one of her songs on youtube. I don't think about songs even anywhere on the internet anymore. And she saw it. And that's how we started playing music together. We played a lot of shows around l a little singer-songwriter venues mostly for our parents and their friends or whoever else we could get come via facebook. invite. Phoebe introduced me to her friend. Marshall four who became one of my Musical land emotional soulmates. We started making music together and I made my upcoming ep. Count the stairs with him. He wrote most of the songs on it with me and produced the whole thing. Ten feet tall was the first song we wrote together. And so it's it's beautiful to see this all come full circle. I love making things with these people. And i'm glad it all shook out the way it did. That's true hickey. Talking about his new song call ten feet tall. The he called counter stairs is out this week. February twenty sixth joining me now is npr music. Maria larusso. I thought that. Charlie hickey song was right up your alley. You're absolutely right. Bob usually anything that has like featuring anywhere in the vicinity of a song. Means that i'll like it but yeah i really super doug that song. Great songwriter. And i look forward to much much more from him. Last week lindsey mckenna. Npr music linzie. We kind of brought to me a song that made me want to be in a nightclub or you going to do the same thing to me now. I think that i am. I am as much when he got. So this is a song. Called leaded all go by francis of delirium. I know that you are a francis of delirium fan. Bob grady create ep. So francis of delirium is a duo led by nineteen year old. Songwriter named yana. Barak and the song is on that ep. That's coming out in april that's called waiting with the d. w. a. d. i n. g. but what really struck me about this song. Let it go. Is that i feel like she has a really confident delivery and point of view for someone who is so young. She says that this song. It's like set over one night at a party and kind of builds to the narrator accepting and letting go of a broken relationship that they want to leave behind it definitely has kind of like a stream of consciousness feel to it in the way that she sings and also in the way that the song like unfolds and build and then goes back and goes forward and then builds more. It's a really wild ride. So let's listen to let it all go by francis of delirium ooh Thirty everyone's golf home by so big star far place you left was confessional talking to anyone. Don't listen to you leading into people's

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