What they're saying: Philadelphia Eagles, Wentz or other teams — who has the leverage?

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All about away. Bought away by the way. The miami dolphins got their guy. I just meant they got us. That dude is they got a guy young guy so let's put some. what are we talking about. Let's put the question. Then this way. And by the way i would say this right now to are coordinating producer. Pete mcconville and our producer. Allie grenade. i don't understand how we do not yet have a feature called jeff saturday. Who's high this week. I mean every week jeff. Hester name that's got to become a tuesday stable. Is this week. We make a segment out of everything on this show but markets very quickly. If the dolphins get forgetting about guam if the dolphins get to shawn watson are they the biggest threat to kansas city in the afc next year. Yeah they are. And i know i say that because i saw were buffalo did. But i'm taking the sean before. I take josh allen and their defense. I'm taking miami. Defense with the sean. Look the inspire football. You play when you have a guy at that position that you know you can't win wit. It takes it to a different level. I love how floor is coaching. But i do think that sometimes going in and out with fits magic and into mayor. Put this team in kabul unknown territory. About what their identity was offensively and the defense never had a question. About what their identity. Would you bring this on. You answer that question. That's our quarterback. Raise the level of play of everybody around you. Oh and yeah let me tell you why. Because he threw for the most yards went out of number one receive on team this year. That's how good he is. Listen this is a no brainer. I would love to see desha watson and josh allen go toe-to-toe for years to come in that division and see who can make it out and then get the kansas city potentially in the afc championship bottom line in miami. They've been trying to find the next dan marino for twenty years. They thought maybe you're still may have him into a tunga vilo but shawn watson is as much more. A known commodity will see if that plays out. Meanwhile quarterback rumors are everywhere including these that the eagles wanna move carson wentz. We know that. What kind of market are they. Finding darlington has the very latest. It could be very interesting. Plus lebron james having another mvp caliber season. You'll hear why jay williams thinks he should win the academy award as well. That's on the way this is get up on. Espn do you own. Read your home share. You and i bet it can be hard work. You know it's easy bundling policies with geico geico makes it easy to bundle your homeowner's or renter's insurance along with your auto policy. It's a good thing too because you already have so much to do around your home. Go to geico dot com. Get a quote and see how much you could save. Its gyco easy visit. Geico dot com. Today that's geico dot com on. We go get up. And another of the quarterback trade sagas continues this one involving that main carson wentz whom league sources believe is on the way out of philadelphia and the eagles may also explore options with his longtime tight. Ends zach ertz. Perhaps philly could include ertz in a wentz package to maximize trade value. Words has one year and eight point. Two five million dollars left on his contract it look. There's a whole lot of speculation in jeff darlington insider here. I'll start with you as to why no deal has been worked out with wentz yet and one of the ways that i look at it from afar is maybe eagles. Just overestimate what it is. People might be willing to give up for wentz at this point when you consider the contract that he has. It's essentially the same circumstance as jared goff in los angeles and the rams had to pay a team to take him off their hands. So is that how similar or those situations and could that be. What's holding this thing up. Well very possible. Greedy speaking with a source with the eagles who certainly understand everything. That's going on with this deal. And you know the one thing that he said. I said what's the holdup here in his answers february sixteenth. Today lear doesn't even start for another month by a bunch of exclamation points and there is something certainly to that. March nineteenth is the date that they'd have to decide on paying him. That ten million dollar rostov on this. This is the runway that they're working with now. Of course you do want to make sure that you make the most of your leverage multiple teams involved. You don't wanna lose one of those teams and then Maybe cost yourself some compensation from that other team but we can point out here that This this source also told me that there is no no trade clause in carson wentz deal so it doesn't really matter say he wants to go to the colts but they're getting more compensation from the bears. They could just send him to the bears. It wouldn't be a problem

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