A highlight from An Oreo: The Whitest Black Guy He Ever Knew


Phil's philosophies podcast about life self-discovery and culture. I'm phillip warfield and for most of my life. I've been called an american sandwich. Cookie consisting of two wafers with a sweet cream filling. That's right you guessed it in oregon but yeah two thousand eleven I was starting my senior year in high school year. Coming in as sophomore. Right in your mom had taken position to become an english teacher which i quite frankly super excited about. 'cause loved your mom she was. I didn't like english up until that point But when she came in and thinks came alive cool. That's michael gibson back. Who who's currently the pastor for young adults at king seventh day adventist church in klein. Texas you can. You can correct me. I felt like in high school. We had a pretty good friendship and it was kind of. I don't know. And i know there's an instance that we're gonna we're gonna get to talk about but i really felt looking back I really felt like i care for you. I think. I pushed you on a basketball court sometime soon as were growing and learning in the game and i you went subdue went on far more than i could do. You had more skill and talent. But i could see that in you buy i remember. I don't even remember when it was that year. By there was an instance that i think we were. We were standing in the middle of the locker area. Right wasn't it. And i don't remember conversation at all. I don't remember what anything and but do remember telling you that

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