A highlight from 98 | Horror | Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno-Garcia


Weirdo book worms unite. We want to share our love of genre fiction with you. Some readers out there may look down on your for your love of horror sci fi and fantasy but not us to stop by as we discussed what we've been reading high. It's sandra scott. Welcome to john. Ritter junkies podcast few books from genre fiction. What a what a fun introduction to address owed ninety eight episodes in. I thought i thought i might as well. So this is sandra. That's scott producers. Stitches jumping around. Thank you for joining us. We are going to have a very fun episode today. In honor of women horror month which is coming to a close but i think you for celebrating women and horror month every month by supporting me a woman in horror and you can also support me over on the colt show which is on youtube and a podcast and you can support me and my ghouls sleep at spooky slumber party over on our podcast and of course keep reading horror from women. Watching horror movies and tv shows that feature women behind the scenes and in front of the camera. And just keep encouraging inclusivity in horror and not just for women but for all walks of life authors. In general i have found over the years. According this show i i like books that are written by any gender that we've read but there is a special place in my heart for female authors. It's like that's a that's a thing that's the thing here. At chandra junkies is we want to read any books that sound interesting to us by any gender totally but we always like to keep in mind female fem identifying authors. Because we wanna make sure their voices get heard. That's how it is okay. Producer stitches has settled down. So i guess that means we can officially start the episode not to be a broken record but can everybody please please just good. Hbo max and watch thirty coins for me. I'd really appreciate that we preach about it. Neil and i over the cold show. I'm so obsessed with it. So is he in. I kind of had settled there the other day. I'm like please don't let this be another horror tv. Show that dies on the fine because that's happened to us horror fan so many times over the years and this is just a brilliant spanish show spanish language. Obviously it's from. Hbo europe and it's doing well but of course to make sure that a second season gets picked up. People gotta watch it. I'm one of those people that i watched the first episode and it was a lot for me. I almost almost too much. And then i i watched i think the last two episodes of the season i that kind of garbage and of course. It's so funny. Because he's like he doesn't want a super annoying way. Scott has a tendency to do this with like scarier. True crime things. I watch real. See the first episode and be like oh this is too much and then he comes in at the end. And it's like what's happening. You want to know what that show is buck wild. Yes in a good way in a very good way but it is it. It goes places. It's religious horror it's can be really dark and gloomy and just great great fun for horror fans. I hope everybody else's enjoying it as much as i am. And my co-host over at the show is and we all talk about it and gig out together because any more people to talk about it with it. Just it's controls my life and then our other a pledge with food for wanda vision which is shared passionate. jonathan keith. division is fantastic and it is inspired me to in the background. And i want to say i'm not a big have something playing in the background sort of person now until fairly recently in the background for the past couple of weeks i've been playing the entire marvel like mcu a move in order and it's just been fun to like pick up everyone's like oh yeah forgot that happened near just yeah. That's one of the things. I like with background stuff is like you're just kind of even you know the content. You're kind of absorbing it through osmosis a little. Yeah see it's good. It's good for the kids. So that having been said anything else you wanted to share with my big one. That's your big on. That's our big ones all right. Let's talk about this week's book. Mexican gothic modano garcia. This is the second book we have read by. Sylvia we read god's of jaden shadow if you recall which we love which we love. Yeah so let's let's let's talk about this and what we thought of it. A story about an isolated mansion in nineteen fifty s mexico and the braves socialite drawn to its treacherous secrets after receiving frantic letter from her newlywed cousin noemi to bowed heads to high price a distant house in the mexican countryside unsure. What she will find. No emmy is an unlikely rescuer. She's a glamorous debutante more suited to cocktail parties than amateur sleuthing.

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