Ep.187: Stem Cell Education Featuring Dr. Willy Lensch


We're going to start off with an Paper this is something that we actually alluded to. I believe in our one of our is a cr episodes Something that i'm actually quite excited about. In my opinion this is the first true cardiac developmental org annoyed okay. this is a paper. In nature biotechnology titled human heart forming organoids recapitulate early heart and for that development. Coming from lab robert swaggart and first authors leakage. Iraklis again. I think we did discuss this on the icr episode. I think there are some Somebody was presenting this data. It might have been dr droplets Forgive me so or models of early tissue development have been produced for a bunch of different tissue types right. Intestine brain is super popular. We talked sergio. Posco about these things we talked to you. Alison watery kidney and other organs to but and this is something. That's really bothered me for a long time. Similar approaches for the heart haven't really been there. They've been kind of lacking for the most part quote unquote cardiac organoids have been amalgamations of endothelial cells and cardi myocytes kind of smashed together and those have been called organoids but they don't recapitulate the development of the heart now in this study. They do exactly that. They're generating complex structure three-dimensional cardiac organoids or heart forming. That they call him. Hbo's by embedding human pluripotent stem cells in maitre gel followed by directed. Cardiac differentiation will get around to that in a second. Because i was a a point of discussion before the show beauregard. Listen how they ended up doing them doing the doing the next generating these organoids. They're able to make these really neat complex structures of cardiac tissue combined with ender. Sort of recapitulating. What's going on during cardiac development. You got the formation of the ms ended earn for example and they did it by directing cardiac differentiation using a protocol. That i'm pretty familiar with by phase wint pathway modulation with small molecules. Something i do all the time and so these. H f os heartwarming organoids. Have this myocardial ring layer. You've got to check out the images in this one. It's like almost like a like a tree like a a ring in a tree trunk or something like that and get this little nice green ring of gfd positive and kicks two point. Five g p cardiac cells. My cardi myocytes. So got this myocardial. There that's lined actually by indo cardio like layer as well into cardio like cells. the cardio are the The specialized endothelium that are found within the heart within the chambers of the heart. And they're actually found pretty early during the cardiac development as well and they're able to naturally induce the formation of decorum in these delvin organoids. And not only that but they those endo cardio like sells was surrounded by some septum transverse unlike cells and they actually he even have a distinct anterior versus post earier. Four good ended her two shoes and even a vascular network like a a very rudimentary basketball network. But we'll give it the the exciting thing as as i've been alluding to this whole time. Is that this architecture. Kinda resembles early natural heart development before the formation the heart tube. And they're actually saying that. This is more this sort of like the the formation of the maybe the early second hartfield or something like that. It's known to actually require the interplay with the the forego derm development and so you're having that natural interaction between the ended arm and the derm actually form not only the the cells of the four gut. Actually they actually has liber populations. Some few pancreatic populations as well next to their car cardiac cells to and finally of course to bring it into nature biotech to apply it. You have to apply it to study human disease. So they apply these heart. Forming organoids actually studied genetic defects in vitro by showing in cakes. Two point five. Knockout heart forming organoids show a phenotype phenotype that sorta like the heart malformations that are described previously in transgenic mice. Point five is a really important regulator of cardiac development and by knocking it out able to show a athena type. That's been seen in mice so it's in my opinion a really exciting Cardiac developmental story. It's a really. The perhaps the first true cardiac development organoids as opposed to a tissue that's formed by smashing different cell types together. And the funny thing is i remember going on twitter of wild back a few months ago and i was sitting in on a conversation between two podcasts guests. Actually benoit's bruno and james hudson from down there in australia.

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