The Secret to Getting Motivated For Your Workout

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How do you motivate yourself to work out but first of all. I just want to quickly address the new year new. You mentor that. Banded about every flipping january. I hate it. I loathe it. It's lazy. it's unhelpful and unnecessary. And somebody's magazines. They would always be the new year new you concept or you'd get their release it sort of end of november and tips for new year new nonsense absolute nonsense. Do you think the rock thinks. I need to twenty pounds of pure muscle for my next role but damage thursday afternoon. So it's not the right time. I'll have to come back with us on monday morning. Of course he doesn't so this idea that an e program has to start on a monday or on the first or in january is in my opinion a complete and utter nonsense so let's disregard this idea of new year new you right because really if you're looking for motivation for anything goal oriented whether that's fitness health or otherwise then it's about a shift that happens in your mind in my opinion not about push up oppress iran squat a burpee or one single workout. And if i'm being very very honest. I've sort of circled around this podcast for a few weeks now knowing that i wanted to do it but also i just have to be really honest. I find it a very difficult topic to talk about. Because for years. I've looked motivated from the outside and indeed i've done a lot of things that are motivated person would do. But i was rarely achieving the rather nebulous goal. I had set myself which was of losing weight because i was attempting to achieve something by only using one approach which is exercise. And i also know that this subject she went about body image is such an emotional one and it doesn't matter how good ones intention is to put out something that might be helpful even me and the reason why i hate new year new year's because i used to find it so triggering because i was looking at it through the emotional filter a feeling not good enough all of my garbage and junk emotional detritus that was affecting me. I was looking all of those things and therefore found it quite negative experience because of my own baggage and even if somebody said something with good intention i might have seen it through a filter. I found it triggering so i do find a little bit difficult to talk about and i just hope that you know. This isn't meant to be. Triggering is really honestly meant to be helpful. And the only reason i'm focusing on fitness is because that's thing that i'm asked about the most and so it feels like It feels like it's worth addressing. But also all of the tips that i'm going to mention hey can be applied to any goal whether it's one that takes place in the gym or when you're working out or whether it's to deal with work or to do anything that you want to achieve to be honest and so this is my point when it comes to motivation and to know what your goal is and i can use my many many years of failure to failure to achieve my goal to understand why this is such a vital part so let's use my particular experience of weight loss in the sense of i would come at it thinking to wait. I must use exercise to do. But actually where i've been able to achieve success if you will in weight loss is took a step back from. It really looked at it and to all of the things that contributed to me being heavier than i wanted to be. And that was the only time that i was able to make any significant progress that has lost it and i know i'm using the example of weight loss of lothair. I do apologize. But it's the one. I have the most experience with an i can perhaps for the most insight into but this doesn't exclusively apply to weightless as i said so. My goal was to lose weight. And i used exercise as a blunt instrument with which to beat myself and the objective. But as i've discussed lengthier on the poco my issues with weight or a variety of things including emotional eating many many things mental blocks whatever and a thirty minute session. Can't sort out your emotions or anything like that. But i was able to take step back. Look at the bigger picture and make tweaks and a lotta varies of my life. In order to achieve my goal of not being at of being at a weight that made me unhappy at uncomfortable potentially unhealthy the long term. That really worries me. This look different for everyone. But there is an opportunity to sit down and create something whether it's writing down a mind map or just listing the things that might be standing between you and your goals and then work from there to try and put something in place. It will be helpful to you to try and achieve it in another thing. I wanted to say about goals here while we're talking about setting them. If you find that anything you're describing a goal is preceded by the words should then definitely look at it. I don't like to talk in definitive absolutes team much but this is one more. I feel confident in saint joe's to have a just take another look at that. Just come back to it and take a look at again. Because i've come to find the word should give because actually there's a hint actually should to me has a hint of not wanting to do something about it if it's a should i have to explore a little bit more thinking about it. Think about all the things so you might use the word. Should i should clean the bathroom. I should take the bins. I should do that admin. I should go and apologize these things that you might not necessarily want to do. I know finding your y common expression in the landscape of self improvement. But i do think it pays to ask why you want to achieve that goal and often. When it's should it's it's not always your goal. I remember for a long time that the fact is that. I want to lose weight. I want to lose weight is because a lot of people who weren't me. We're telling me i should lose what you should lose weight and it was a negative so as i really i should. I should lose weight earn. It wasn't my goal. My goal looks like how it sounded. I had to take a look back and really see what my goal was. And if you if you take a step back from it and you've asked whether it's your goal while you want it. Then we i guess the next thing to ask yourself is if you're prepared to do more than you're already doing to achieve it

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