Protection of Personal Data in Blockchain Technology


Zor. Res- asks what do you think about. Privacy designed blockchain so. It's kind of interesting because these blockchain's are sort of under attack. I guess you could say from regulation right now. A melted mirrors actually talked about this in the episode that he did with her and lynn alton Where she said that. That's kind of the main thing she'll be looking out for twenty twenty one and i think You know we at this moment that i'm recording this. We only have rumors about what type of regulation it was that Treasury secretary steve mnuchin wanted to put on crypto right. Now because i think actually you privacy coins were in the crosshairs and this was something night. Jessie liu who came on unconfirmed talked about She was the what was it. Former attorney for dc. She's prosecuted a ton of cases are around some of the biggest ones involving illegal. Use bitcoin and via actor state actors like north korea or by the child porn website in in korea. Welcome to video. And and some of the other big criminals like terrorists and stuff and weight point. Is she highlighted by a something that she was noticing in. I can't remember it was the dot enforcement framework actually and I do think you know this is going to be something that comes up again because brian brooks the action control of the currency. Also kind of you know. When i asked him about what how he thought the. Us might regulate privacy. He said oh well you know the. Us is different from other countries because we're We're the victims of terrorism or or were subject to terrorism or something like that and he said that he thought people would be willing to make a trade off for that. Which i thought was very interesting. A really was curious to know what the crypt communities reaction was to that comment. But yeah so. I think we're going to see that kind of come up as a battle and i actually. I would be surprised. If in the end there wasn't some way to have Blockchain side feature privacy prominently because in a way. I can't imagine the technology really taking off in all the ways that it could take off if there wasn't such a feature and you even see that like in a forthcoming episode. I have unconfirmed. It's a panel discussion but there is somebody from the federal reserve who talks about building systems for central bank digital currencies. Who says you know flat out like you can't design these systems unless you have privacy you as a consideration from the beginning he said it cannot be an afterthought and and he's talking about for central bank digital currency so. I really do think that you'd at least some of these vaccines will have to feature it prominently and i. I don't think that we're going to end up with blockchain set it at all. I would be surprised on a long enough time scale. I do think in the in the beginning. There might be a bit of a battle. But i think after we got real adoption then i would be very surprised if we don't start to see more privacy

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