Nicola Dixon

Murder Minute


A california hospital while serving a life sentence or multiple counts of murder after denying for years that he was a killer in twenty eighteen little opened up to a texas ranger james holland. Who had been asked to question him about a killing that it turned out little did not commit but over the course of approximately seven hundred hours of interviews little provided details of murders across the country. That only the killer would know little confessed to killing ninety three people between nineteen seventy and two thousand five. He even provided holland with drawings of his victims and provided details such as the year and the location of the murder and where he had dumped the bodies. Most of the slayings took place in florida and southern california. Little said that he started killing in miami. On new year's eve nineteen seventy. He told hall and quote. It was like drugs. I came to like it. He said that his last killing was in tupelo mississippi. In two thousand five he also killed people in tennessee. Texas ohio nevada arkansas and other states. But it was kentucky authorities who finally caught up with him in two thousand twelve after he was arrested on drug charges and his dna linked him to three california killings later he started confessing to other murders. One killing was solved after little recalled that the victim wore dentures. Another after he told holland that he'd killed the victim near a set of unusual looking arches. In florida of victim. He met outside a miami strip club. In nineteen eighty four was remembered as being twenty five years old with short blond hair. Blue eyes and a quote hippie book authorities who continue to investigate his claims said that they have confirmed nearly sixty killings and have no reason to doubt the others holland told. Cbs news magazine. Sixty minutes in twenty nineteen quote. Nothing he's ever said as been proven to be wrong or false. Almost all of those victims were women. Many of them were prostitutes drug addicts or poor people living on the edges of society. Samuel little them. He said because he believed that they would leave. Few people behind to look for them and scant evidence for police to follow little strangled most of his victims. He drowned one a woman. He met at a nightclub in nineteen eighty two holland. An expert interrogator said that he can only guess wide little up to him. Holland has described a little as both a genius and a sociopath adding that little could never adequately explained to him why he did what he did. Holand would address little by his childhood name. Sammy while little called holland jimmy and once told the l. a. times that he'd quote found a friend in a texas ranger little told sixty minutes that he hoped his confessions might exonerate anyone. Who was wrongly convicted of his crimes. Saying quote. I say if i can help get somebody out of jail you know. Then god might smile. A little bit more on california corrections department spokeswoman. Vicki waters said that there was no sign of foul play and met little cause of death will be determined by a corner. A western indiana man has been charged for the murder of a woman whose body was found last week in a storage unit where she had apparently been living with her alleged assailant. Twenty nine year old. Philip michael addison faces one count of murder in the killing of thirty eight year old. Sarah henderson whose body was found on christmas day in the storage unit and all types. He found that she died. From sharp force injuries to the head and her death was ruled a homicide. According to court documents patterson had rented the storage unit and both he and henderson had apparently been living in it. A man told police that he called nine one. One on december twenty fourth after he saw that henderson was dead in the storage unit and said that addison then told him quote. I did that. Man that witness coal nine one one but a deputy who checked the storage unit facility. That night found nothing unusual. Police using cadaver dog found henderson's body the next day after an anonymous call placed to vigo county dispatch center indicated. That henderson might be dead. In one of the units. And that addison was involved. Adersson appeared for an initial hearing tuesday after surrendering monday in johnson. County south of indianapolis us being held at the johnson county jail until he is extradited to vigo county

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