Lawyer: Soldier charged in Rockford shooting may have PTSD


An attorney for the U. S. army special forces sergeant accused of killing three people at an Illinois bowling alley this past weekend says her client may suffer from PTSD Winnebago county state's attorney J. Hanley says thirty seven year old Duke Webb who had just completed a fourth tour of duty in Afghanistan has admitted to the shooting rampage inside a bowling alley that left three people dead a fourteen year old male was shot in the face he is alive but hospitalized in critical condition sixty five year old Thomas first half was on the first floor when the defendant began shooting first a first test began running toward the stairs when the defendant shot him in the torso he tells W. LS TV that victim died as did two other men but Webster Turney says he'll undergo a mental health evaluation suggesting he suffers from post traumatic stress disorder Webb is assigned to Eglin Air Force base in Florida and was visiting family in the Rockford Illinois area I'm Jackie Quinn

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