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Of the zandbergen report. Probably to bring you in the movers. Shakers difference makers who are passionate about what they have learned and what you need to know today and today i have my esteemed guest and partner. All we have tisch burgum. Yes we do a fraternity here today. I haven't heard for why didn't know she was putting out a search warrant for we didn't know where she was. We kept trying to find her. She doesn't call she doesn't right lanes. Busy came okay. All right so what we are going to discuss. Today is the election now. What oh boy boy. I you gotta let me pipe in on that one or is this just a silently. Listen we're gonna we're gonna have to meet you on this chart. I'll take over the whole stand back. I'll tell you what happens next. One can go really mine's really quickly so we are going to keep it very from findings friendly today. Okay all right. I will just say one thing and i hope this isn't a compliant and then i'll shut up here it seems like the markets have been receptive to this thing here based on what i've read and but i've seen i fear that you know time there's turnover or turmoil. They would but they seem to like this kind of divided government. And maybe things will get a little little more stable and predictable. I dunno if you're not but that seems to be my initial impulse so we are going to discuss it s. Actually one of the first things that will discuss paul so thanks for thanks for delete ender you go but i think the big thing is is titian are getting many many phone calls from from clients and friends say you'll elections happened. What's going to happen now. I think there was a lot. I don't think. I know there was a lot of anticipation regarding the election. There was a lot of fear regarding the election. Records are extremely bipartisan. And we're not. We're not advocating. One party numbered talk talking really the economics in the market and the effects of this and we are actually currently working on a client approved webinar. That hopefully will be able to discuss a couple of weeks and then for those who want to attend. That will get into much. More detail will be inviting some bar our partner investment firms to help us with that. But at that should be up we'll be forthcoming. I would love to hear it. 'cause we've all you're all wondering and i'm sure your clients are two now. What next right industry in have ever promoted. I could be wrong by early. Ever promoted a events to people on the podcast to tune in to this will be earth. Rv behalf to invite the lessons she thought of the market and where we think we. We know what's going on now. Going forward when can go a little bit more granular but we will be tweeting that out a message in your life. If you are interested again not interested in your problem we will. We are here for you on the spot. Fine so we again. We are just days out from the election. And and there's still a lot of. I would say excitement ahead because the some decisions are some are claiming the decisions aren't final. So we will. We will see in the long run. But we've got this issue where also in the middle of a pen not middle hopefully not smell hope. We were on the tail end of a pandemic but were year. That's had an election year. That's had a pandemic here. That's have all sorts of crazy things. So you know the question of what's next i think is is relevant to bring up something and you know anything to talk about today. I wanna make sure that we're very generic. But i think that it's been really interesting with Everything we've been through with kovin and the election and the markets an uncertainty in the volatility. I think that it might be interesting.

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