David Paull On Behavioural Storytelling


Its well known that today's customers and employees far more sophisticated far more astute than ever before. Today's customers and employees are far more informed. But how can you make sure that they are correctly. Informed moreover ethically informed in such a way that they become evangelical about your organization about your brand about what you do. We'll stay tuned because that's exactly where we're going. You see our guest on today's episode. Is david poll. Now david pull is the founder of lillian. Labs and dial smith. David's air experienced davies. Lives at the strange and powerful intersection between sales marketing and research. You see lilly. Labs lillian. labs drama lillian. Labs is a quantitative research agency specializing in concept product and message testing while dial smith technology. That's used to capture real time opinion moment to moment to understand people's motivations and predict their behavior. His company's technology has among other things worked on getting instant feedback on. Us presidential debates specifically on what moves an audience at any specific time. David is team have helped media companies and customer product giants test and refine that products from concept testing and product development to content research and pilot testing. David has developed a communication framework called behavioral storytelling. Which will go into in quite a bit of detail that helps you to craft stories and narratives designed to influence them persuade based on how people process information and make decisions. David is also a sought after speaker and has presented repeatedly at story conference insights sociation. Many other research industry events ladies and gentlemen. Please put your hands together and helping da. Thank you thank you for having me and for that very very generous introduction. You're very welcome. David now where we always like to start. The show is by asking this question in this world. Full of influences in social media. And everybody's everybody's an employer and every every minute dogs and expert. Who is somebody who's been had a major influence on you who somebody who's really impacted your leadership and it may be somebody that we have never heard over net would know. Maybe it is. But maybe isn't that's a good question. I mean certainly a lot of the big names that people would know but for me. Most influential was a manager. That i had when i moved from more traditional Outside sales which is where. I started my career into market research and i was brought in to lead an organization and i was a little young in a little green at the time. Frankly i think part of part i think was by salesmanship was part of how i got the gig in the first place so i had to grow into it a little bit and i was also very ambitious and i was pushing pushing pushing. Not only those who are working with me and for me but also those above me to help me grow throughout the organization and I remember it very clearly. One day this manager of mine. Who i really liked and respected. He took me aside and he said one word to me and that word was patience. Just wanted to slow me down a little bit and remind me that The value of patients is tremendous not only with those on the team and the speed with which we have to get things done but also for my own sake and really taking things one step at a time not trying to leapfrog things and really just taking breath and being more patient and of all the lessons i've had in my career and there have been many. That's the one that i keep coming back to. I find most often when i find myself. Getting a little revved up a little anxious and wanting to push things a little harder. I just remember the that word in that moment because it really did help me a lot. It really grounded me and change the way. I looked at things and from there. I think my career path was actually smoother and and everything progressed at a very a very nice reasonable peso. How old were you when you got the advice. I got that advice in my early thirties. Because that's pretty solid advice. No doubt about it but it's pretty hard advice to swallow when you when we're young because when we young it's like everything's in hurry and i've been in. I've been in outside sales my whole career. I've been wrestling since a teenager working in managing retail through college. And then i went right into outside sales literally knocking on office doors and getting thrown out of office building so Came up the hard way through sales and you really can't be terribly patient with that. You've got a quota to make and your incomes based on command. Go go go.

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