A highlight from Ep. 498 #everybodyneedsabitofscienza | Sarah Heller MW Question


Welcome everybody my name. Stevie cam and this is everybody needs a shensi when we say shane. Of course we mean professor. te'o shins. He's here sitting with me. he's just right next to me. I've a mask he already had cova so and he's fine. We were a bit worried about him but is better than new and improved. If you will okay. Do you want to say hi. Yes yes but you the online l. k. Good morning ronin yes kenmore in a dj in today's Good and been back. Monte mcconnell swan joe monte saw out i saw okay okay codeine channel questions from data algae domen sarah alert master wine. Shoot good sarah fellow about slow the chain or international academy ezzat. Jose elite pew prevent master. Why i won't put the dna ov- yemane debt club. Okay via hong kong pedal or i land late. Caribbean professor cut professor shane's kate terrain konichi keystone mosey lot of data. No-one donna aegina. Adversity practical alignment recall. Ios prima walked Skull demand okay in english. Professors shantz please. Could you talk about why it is that volcanic soils which conventionally thought of as being very fertile. John result in vines. That are overly vigorous. Okay quinn the nfc. Tuta every kid. Chimo e terrain evil can achieve sonal pew at available at the request. The quizzes latest multi vehicle remains a imagining it was the other part of our facility or any ganensay anti condition apple. Delay been levi. Dmc short able conical my multi shorto motorization. It'll last year by motagua. Our opposition tv tower. Annika wittig religion or motivate cable for initially dsl impartial neighbouring. This accord uncomfortable on like. I'm patrick kennedy. Three any antipathy terminate mechanical contaminate mortars. Unethical trump was on national lee there again. They thought they saw canada. Constitutional issue. sporadic obama will canyon tiki committee. That with obama point in prochet will commit any dana marketable canete antiquated holiday. They'll change the greenie that the show ave or awkward unqualified saying chocolate. Based jamie it's honestly mason the lead in that case you can only in canada yanni or quickly the level instead of other. Levity inquest the will can educational games coming into visit monteverdi. Corgan vietnam army commitments. You only bill. Anita the tower ask implant tomato today thrown. They will candidate. I will advocate they tinny. They'll they'll miserably issue or the the the garda or the show of actual actually all this goes a po. Motivate the the annika win the delegate casual. No not really it ought. The acapella came down from the limousine. A bully astros out shortly canopy. Surely it's not any gary multiple very non units antiquated late. Dvd motoyuki peripheral since party nashville. Equitable questo supposed satellite. Orlando the day. My were kind of be be able to bid on able carnage wrong relation between israel bureaus into casualty. Let them fail. Tiller viti moldova. Franken debacle in the nestor digital multiple label. Citra that appropriate touted within spatial market nestle. I cannot chip nice style wrong. the. I'm not busy downtown. It'll start that in that in that. You're asking tarya molly to show arbuckle terrible conical disorder all middle by year. She's not matthew from to me political conical to say if you don a dvd conical apple trouble. If you knew a model delay notre fate lamma tula motorcycle outta they'll good. I need a keady traditional that. Ten tissue maturities urologist. It's schoolwork rocco palese motor. Now we're not demand a mock congress combing fluish hmo on me i like right. Konichi-wa of multi simplification the. Okay tell you can see download minna at say neutral location at la dashiell guided jordi fail world demand. Gonese will continue to follow but see shia non-answer casual day. Our capacity data said the team colored rita into conditionally the a ton too early in the solar sail away and feel through e e cut the orange decode audio. Nikkei internal alert contradictorily potassium jolie as ola. Go my mind with that. I d digested any mechanic. She's got my approach. Gamil in younger shots gets this audio. Kevin even prolong the intel any financial commission of ood. Or sassy check with a component konica critic. It's only one min around him. I mean auto moto ambiguity. Vinicio net seem cliche. This story but bitten foci lasalle to look poorly. That spiral zine patrol. Meh lost the moscow benneteau. Two different story

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