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I love this podcast. Support this show through the acoss supportive. Hr it's up to you. How much give. And there's no regular commitment just hit the link in the show description to support now. Fifteen seconds guided journal chan. Ignition sequence Nuts three to five as reported bills. Good again thanks for joining us. This is the spice nuts. Podcast my name is andrew dunkley and joining me as always is at large. Because he's got a very large brian. It's fred what's read. Thank you andrew. Hello to you too sometimes. Well it's about the greystone exactly and we're doing something different. This wake where This this whole episode is dedicated to audience questions which we do from time to time. We've got a whole batch that we want to get through a few questions Couple of written questions but also questions from a live studio guest russell palmer from western australia. Russell hello hello everyone welcome. It's great to be on blogging away. Be invited on the show is chief inquisitor inquisitor. Tonight shave inquisitive. We will probably do this from time to time. Now that we have the technology and you're the first cab off the rank the guinea pig to say if this'll work for us but Yeah we thought would be nice for the audience. Sir particularly is on youtube to see another face. Besides there's i mean that must be getting sick of us. Couple of spectacle. Old men sitting hated most of the time man go on. You could have done better than monmouth right way. We will get to you shortly and have you read. Have a bit of a discussion about a few of the things that are buzzing around in your in your brian. We're also going to hear from evan. In sydney on the orbit of planets. Simon wants to know win. A black hole is in fact a black blackhall. When does the stuff that goes into it. Become blackhall a martin from the uk is asking about light or when they went in the universe. Switches is pretty morbid. Thanks martin appreciate it and sandy in melbourne asking about what happens when he looks at the international space station from earth orbiting in. It's blinking enough.

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