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It's kind of cute right alone. Welcome back to panic you and if you're a new here welcome. My name's bailey. Evan i'm your host and on kind of cute. We discuss articles from the cut. And my general pop culture musings guys. You know what time it is a little shameless self promo. If you haven't yet. I would love if you left. Kinda cute review on apple podcasts. But most importantly i know. I'm always like hyping up giving me a review following kind of coupon guys on instagram bailey. Evan on instagram. but what is really important. Is that if you've liked this poetic as tell your friends about it. Spread the love speaking of love. I would like to send some love to texas right now. One of my very close friends lives there. She's in houston and she's safe and warm. But i know so. Many people are struggling there. And i think here in florida and houston there. Know what it's like when a natural disaster hits and it's so crazy. Because i was thinking about one hurricanes here. We're used the power going out but it's always hot as balls when the hurricanes hit and i never even thought about the issues that can come with power outages and being in the extreme cold that they're facing right now also in any if there's anyone who's listening to this and you're out there just know that we're all with you sending love. I wanna i guess. I'm really on a loved thing because i wanted to talk about valentine's day. Did you guys have any fun. Stories did slides the dmz. I'd love to hear about it. Do you have anything. Like really really raunchy really embarrassing happen. I went to dinner with my sister actually went on gallons day. We had like a pretty chill actual valentine's day. But i'm gallon tense day the day before on that. Beautiful holiday created by leslie. Nope on parks and rec. We went to california pizza kitchen guys. I have been excited about this all week. They were running a special. I've been shouting this the rooftop to anybody who will listen it was. Did i talk about this last week. Please tell me. I didn't okay. She's like you've talked about it five million times so i don't know if you've talked about it last week or not but you've talked about five million times so it was a deal. It was thirty five dollars. You got a starter so we got guac and chips and then you could participate between three andres you could pick two of them so we got a pizza and a salad and dessert. All of that was thirty. Five dollars an art pizza was shaped like a heart like california pizza kitchen. I don't know if you're giving out Sponsorships to podcast. But i will hype. Y'all the hell up. I would die for that barbecue. Chicken pizza obviously. We get it with pineapple instead of chicken. They do have a chicken substitute that is so delicious guys if you e. plant based meat. Oh my god. It's amazing. i just had to share that with you guys because they really made my weekend. I'm still thinking about it. The heart shaped pizza. I mean it was actually shaped like a heart. It wasn't it wasn't janke. It looked good and what we're talking about love. I realize like single. Update i had today is about love like i guess i had it on the mind. It's february guys. We're going pisces season. You know how i feel about that water signed but it's happening it's coming so paris hilton is engaged to name. Carter reum it's r. e. e. u. m. It's very adorable because she was engaged on gallon day which is also her birthday. It was her fortieth birthday. And i had to look this up because this was her fourth engagement. And i'm not gonna lie. I thought this was legit her fourteenth engagement like in my mind. Paris hilton has been engaged every year to someone else like since she was on the simple life but no it's just our forth so really she's still like starter marriage territory and i'm just so happy for her. He is a venture capitalist. He is also forty. He went to columbia. I just love this for her. That guy who she was with when she was on the documentary they weren't ever engaged but they seemed a little bit hot and heavy. He was a complete dirtbag. I was so happy when he ditched him at the music festival and just kicked him the hell out so i really hope her in carter can make this work i really. I don't know this seems like a good match. Because he seems smart. I think she's she's very smart and i love. They're the same age. It's just Sexy i'm into it. he's cute to. This is a love story. I don't wanna talk about. But i feel like mg k. Machine gun kelly's has been featured quite heavily since he started dating angelina jolie and we obviously went into his forty five minute music video masquerading as a movie. With little huddy from tiktok it came out because he posted it on his instagram that he wears megan fox's blood around his neck because he posted a picture with her on his instagram. And it said. I wear your blood around my neck and then there was photos and one of them was a pendant.

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