Google makes parking way easier

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Hey listeners since mike schneider and brett molina and welcome back to talking tech so mike. Do you ever use your smartphone to pay for parking. Well when i get to leave the house now. I sure do use it. Well once you leave the house again it might get a lot easier for you Google announced this week. It's rolling out a new feature enabling users to pay for street parking or transit services within the google maps app on android smartphones. So here's how it will work. Google parting with two popular parking services passport and park mobile to let drivers pay for their parking meters. What you'll do is you'll go to park. You'll pull up the google maps app. You'll choose pay for parking. You pick the meter number where you're parked the amount of time you need and then you pay one of the better features that i really really really enjoy about this though. One of the biggest pains about paying at the meter. Is you go somewhere and you realize. Oh your meters about to run out after. Walk back and refill it. In this case you can do it right from the app. You can just tap a couple of buttons and you've refilled your meter if you need a longer time. This new pay for parking feature will be available for android smartphone users in more than four hundred cities in the us including boston. Cincinnati houston l. A. new york and washington. Dc another cool part of this update. Is that google. Maps is also going to let users pay for mass transit fares ahead of time and the feature will becoming than eighty transit agencies around the world. So for example. If you're in new york and you pulled up directions to go somewhere and you decide you want to take the subway. You'll see a prompt on google maps with an mta logo asking. If you want to pay your fair now see just hit the button and you'll pay your fare ahead of time. That feature will roll out more. Broadly in the coming weeks according to google

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