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Welcome to murder minute on. Today's episode the butcher baker. But i your true crime headlines. Two bodies found in a wooded area in western michigan last friday have been identified as a couple who went missing earlier this month. Authorities said monday. That the deaths of gary johnson and laura johnson would be listed as homicides their bodies were unearthed. Friday at gordon gordnick state game area in portage about three miles from their home. Portage is fifty seven miles south of grand rapids last tuesday. Gary's employer notified police of his disappearance after he failed to show up for work. When police entered the johnson's home they found signs of violence. The couple's twenty seven year old son is in custody on other charges in twenty eighteen. Laura johnson got a personal protection order against their estranged son saying that he needed mental health. Care she reported that he had assaulted them damaged property and refused to leave their home. Police said that he was found in a storage unit at an apartment building and he had his parents call him on sunday. Metro denver crime stoppers increased the reward to one hundred thousand dollars for information leading to an arrest in a homicide that happened twenty one years ago on valentine's day on february fourteenth. Two thousand high school sweethearts fifteen year old nicholas kunzelmann and sixteen year old. Stephanie heart brazil were found dead just after midnight in a subway restaurant just a few blocks from columbine high school. The murders happened less than a year after the columbine high school shooting massacre nicholas worked at the restaurant and stephanie. Was there waiting for him to finish his shift and close up shop. When another employee drove past the restaurant and noticed that the lights were on they went inside and found the two teams bodies behind the counter. The investigation showed that an unknown intruder or intruders had shot the young couple for the past twenty one years. The jefferson county sheriff's office has worked the case continuously and detectives believe that someone knows a key piece of information that could lead to an arrest. The reward had previously been set at twelve thousand dollars. The increase was thanks in part to contributions by anonymous community members. Sheriff jeff schroeder said in a press release quote with this significantly increased reward. People who had come forward with their information will be much more likely to do so. Now we are continuing our diligent work to bring justice to nicholas and stephanie. Michael mills board president of the metro denver. Crime stoppers said quote. We are hopeful that the increase will result in tips that will lead investigators to the person or persons responsible for this crime and hopefully start the closure process for the family and friends of nicholas and stephanie as well as the community. Anyone with information on this crime is urged to contact metro denver. Crime stoppers at seven two zero nine one. Three seven eight seven or metro denver. Crime stoppers dot com. Three men wanted in connection with a double homicide in south. Carolina have been captured in winchester. Virginia after leading. Virginia troopers on a high speed chase. Virginia state police said that the suspects were captured. Friday after a trooper. Patrolling on interstate eighty one doa county spotted owl matching the description of a ford fusion included in a lookout serie issued by authorities in anderson south carolina. The trooper waited for additional troopers and initiated a traffic stop. The suspect vehicle pulled onto the right shoulder before speeding off leading to a chase during the pursuit the ford fusion ended up traveling south in the northbound lanes. The pursuit ended when the driver lost control of the vehicle. In frederick county and the suspect's car went down an embankment and hit a tree. The occupants fled on foot but were captured a short time later. The driver of the vehicle was identified as thirty nine year. Old frank t roads roads was charged with a felony count of eluding police reckless driving and having or fictitious license plates on his vehicle the passengers in the car were identified as nineteen year old dominick m roads and thirty one year. Old william c. Flynn the three. Suspects are being held on extradition warrants out of south carolina media reports out of south carolina. Indicate that the three men are wanted for murder in the february. Sixth killings of twenty four year old to tillerson and thirty-three-year-old lorenzo. 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