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I just ate entire plate of bacon to myself. And Us was the delicious. Also yes we've got an air fryer so we've made it to that stage of adulthood. I don't know if i'm proud of that either. It's kind of admitting that you've given up on the traditional sense of cooking your leg. Listen i just not going to use the oven anymore. Use this toaster situation. That's got a fan in it. And i don't really know how science works nor do i even know if it's any good for me could be thrown gamma rays into my food. I don't know is. But i've given up and just want everything to be easy as i slowly devolve into an old person also i think by air fryer is on steroids though because every time i put something in there it is done way before like the little cheat sheet says it should be done and sometimes we burning stuff so i don't know but yeah we're at that stage of our lives where we were at the stage of our lives we were we were talking about air friars lot which is depressing. Then we got said fryer of the air and now we're air frying and we're talking about what to air fry and we're buying cook books on amazon about what cookbooks would be best for sarah night to air fry things with so today's super bowl sunday into the come out tomorrow but Do i have some wings. Mayor knitting ready for the air. Fryer jadu my excited about it. Yeah i am that. I put some money on the game yet. Did the chiefs gonna win. Su- think so. 'cause patrick mahomes and everybody brady so good. Have you seen that play. Does like no look passes and stuff brady so all these past the air fryer portion of life. I don't even know what's next. He was in the air fryer portion of life five years ago in boston now. He's he's in the tapioca portion of life. Now he's looking great. You guys never had coffee before. Hasn't had a grand. You'll of sugar in twelve years if that's what it takes to win a super bowl i don't wanna ring keep it all right. Want my coffee. Want my good poop afterwards. Then i want not okay so anyways. Hopefully i was right. 'cause i put the money on the chiefs and could use the lecture money because i've been spending it on air fryer materials very excited dwells cast today. One of the stars from the goldbergs. Is the show show that i am obsessed with sarah and i watch it all the time. I believe they used to have the spot after modern. So we'd watch modern family into the goldbergs. I think that's how it worked but it was. We watch every week anyways but such a great show and this woman's story is kind of crazy because yes. She's on this like really long running amazingly popular sitcom but she started through a singing competition. It's hard to do. It's hard to go reality tv singing competition to like starve a tv show. I can't think of a lot of them. My friend katie stevens. Who was on american idol. She's now in the bull type that's one and then they'd be our guest this week. This is the show you do not want to miss coming up on the wells. Cast taylor antea by the intro away. Let's get an air. Fryer is rice

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