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Once again from what the hell is happening for another homes alone edition. It sunday february seven super bowl. Sunday big game sunday against supposed to say if i don't wanna get sued. Twenty twenty one and my guest today are returning champ clare kramer stam levin and nick. Hello everybody low dog as it's always weird because nobody knows when when to speak but i will introduce you now individually starting with the comedian. Who hasn't been on this show for a minute buddies. He has been on a bunch of times and is one of my co stars In fill mr roosevelt Hey nick fan. Low may site that that just pretending like you just called me and said that okay phone convert. Let's just have a combo. It is like a big is like a phone or where like a dj calls a bunch of comedians in their home is. That's what that must be happening on some of those morning radio things like bob and tom. They must just be calling in right. Oh yeah and i mean. I'm on my standing desk with the treadmill right now. Just just going crazy calls from buying. I got you on on the line here. Last time. you're on the show. I finally saw butch of the title. I fear a day of meda mace. That's right yeah made a mace. That's the one. Yeah very the ingenuity in that movie that it continues for an entire feature. Length is quite. It's quite something that was a fun. That's one of those fun. Projects related grinded that. I'm glad i gave up a month of my life for that one. Yeah there's nothing like it it's really it's really wild But yours year. Part of the reason here is to Promote of a movie that i believe is it It's outright now. Yeah it's like it's on demand it's on it's on all things and it's called the right one. Yes the right one. Are you the titular character. you know. There's it's me. And cleopatra coleman were they were kind of like the co star characters. I'm you know the the movie was originally named godfrey. That's the name of my character So that would make. It seem like i was that. I'd say it's pretty evenly co-starred that my guys the guy you play multiple people in the movie so it's kind of like one of those split character type like you know me myself and irene except not jim carey. Wow that sounds fun. And then there's some other comedians in it as well right i think of is in it. Allies in it yet david characters in it yeah And it's on demand now. It's on yep apple and amazon all it's it's like a world on the world wide web her right. Well thank you for coming by. It's been great talking year. Extrava dog that was this is like jeopardy. The chitchat has a quick. Get right to you. Know we get into the games. Yeah we do but also we also talk a little about movies. I too but i've got introduce our current champion fourth appearance in a row bringing it week after week. It's clare kramer. Hi guys i mean. Do you feel like a bully of display. Clearly just showing up every week. Well last week leaned into by expertise of waie. Novel adoptions so i feel like that was a lucky break for me. We'll see. I mean sam as you know legendary on the show. And he's a tough competitor. So i don't know. I don't know what today has in store but i every time on the show i it. It's super five. Well does what i was just about to say after chatting with you is that i brought in a ringer and a lot of pressure on you. Stand because really hubbard for today's three to play with the kind of expertise that leads to a win for nick soon. That's what i'd like to do. I don't even know what they were playing niki game. Play where you win it for nick. I i think learn a heck outta here now is delightful having clear every weekend in. She wins again today. Everyone's going to be quite impressed. It's fun ethics salmon. I did live show together. House of blues in san diego is is that right. sam is one hundred percent curricular that was super fund. Also and missiles live show. But it's great podcasting and thank you guys for having me. Thank you doug how it's better from which that's how much santa's by the way not just about movies. He knows who he did. The podcast with two. You could who said i was just confirming. I know you confirmed. That's a fact. That's why we're going head to head today. Congratulations in advance nick. Knowledge here you're people are asking me all the time. Why doesn't sam levine smoke weed and i know 'cause i need somebody to remember things. Thank you for the call. Somebody and go what where were we. Oh yes it he. Was that only con house of blues. Yeah that was fun Yeah like you said. I hope we get back to that. But for now we're We're zooming it up. Which makes when someone says no to me about being on the show. it's literally insulting. Because he don't even have to leave. You know what. Nick soon. I did want to ask you about your role in the movie. Venom yeah why do you think they called. You beard biro at bar. Because i pitched to the director while we were shooting it and he literally i i was like my name was james or something or i don't know what it was like. You should just call them beard at the bar. And then i text them and i was like come on man like now you'd be. That was must a joke. No solid joke. i've got a pretty eclectic. Imdb i play like a character name. Richard peanuts.

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