Trump pardons 29, including Manafort, Stone, Charles Kushner


Churn, hardens or sentence commutations for another 29 individuals on Wednesday, many of them loyalists and supporters. These were friends and family pardons. The president pardoning his son in law. Jared Kushner is Father Charles for tax and witness tampering convictions, a case prosecuted by former Trump outside adviser Chris Christie. Mr Trump also lifting the Mueller investigation, federal crime convictions and shadow off two more loyalists convicted former campaign chair Paul Manafort and Roger Stone. Many other pardons issued at the request of other Trump loyalists, ABC Sandy Field and you can expect still Mork clemency actions. President Trump is going to have more pardons in the coming weeks. Our sources tell NBC News that we do not leave. More pardon will come from now until the end of the year. But as everyone cost, but you never know with Donald Trump. But going into the beginning of 2021 Donald Trump has 20 games left in office, and we know from our sources is pardoned list is massive. ABC is John Santucci, inviting a congressional override the

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