Samsung Finally Announced the Galaxy Unpacked Event We All Knew About: Here's What's Coming

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Mark your calendars because samsung has officially announced its galaxy on the vent which will be held january fourteenth. Where of course it is expected we will see the new galaxy s twenty one s twenty one plus and s twenty one. Ultra flagships smartphones. Quoting the verge. There's not a lot to glean from the event teaser video. You can watch at the top of this post which appears to simply be the galaxy s twenty camera module floating inside a translucent cube but practically every detail of these new phones already seems to have leaked including sharper animated gifts of what those modules should look like. Samsung also appears to have a new title competitor on the way for tracking lost items and a set of galaxy. Buds pro earbuds. We wouldn't be surprised if one or both appeared alongside the new phone. Line up the tagline from the announcement. Welcome to the everyday epic. The event will kick off at seven. Am pacific time. Ten a m eastern

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