How Hair Dressing Saved Daniel Granger's Life


Daniel welcome to hell to cuts it. Hey thanks for having me. Thanks for having me finally. Finally we go here. We go back a long way. I huge way down a huge way. I mean from when you had the salon up is why he was in november and decade. I i met down. We've done a local hair awards and long share hairdresser which was actually a big success. We had a big turnout and you at the salon. At the time. I think you won that title and it was incredible. And that's where you really started to. And i think sort of come into the whole head saying we're going to really learn about your story today but has your journey industries taken. You surprise. did you away sing. yeah. I've got big things. Planned always had visions of grandeur. I've always been a dream. I've always fought. what can i do with tomorrow. I've always believed in something greater and growing and growing and growing and testing myself. Put myself like just high for did that. What else can i do. Taking a leap of faith. A gamble of risk bombed definitely a daydreamer. Definitely yeah. Well i'll tell you what people say daydream. As i do isn't good to be a digamma. People save his dream a dream but she li- being a dream. And when you say. Dan the without those dreams. Do we actually eat. It is that the gives us the expirations to go on a one to achieve greatness. It's a mediocre. Life is definitely not what i was given as my my benches food life testing myself building myself One in case you makes me feel life you know truly alive and then the bigger you grow. The more success comes with that the will Profile you and everything else in this never been is never been about the money. It's been about the excitement of the what what makes me take a look at that and that's really interesting. You said it's never been about the money. Don't get me wrong. i like money. i like money. I like the things you can buy and solemn which i own rent and everything i do too as mine and this united steph. My children every pasta down for the family And you know that's a big thing for me is legacy video again for our listeners. Won't see this video But in the usa beautiful backdrop give us an overview to that sun on that. You've currently got down there. I mean it about five years ago. And i didn't have the funds for i had saved up. I always knew when my least came out when i came. At least the. I want to buy my own salons. He's ago a ten year ago. So i'm gonna put money aside. That's not my money. It doesn't exist so much like the tax man was taken away way up. Put it aside each year Ready for when my lease ran out and gone by premises and the prices looking for new premises this. This massive building came up which was so alabama site. I mean huge. Is this a full floors cathedral. And then i walked in. It was like an okesene on. I just felt right okay. You've got enough money to buy the building. We've got no money to do it up what you do and then for some reason. I'm very good at finding resources. When i need them a. Nothing's out of my reach life. I want something bad enough. I work harder and get. It wasn't come from than than you know somebody that wants something. If you want it you can get that. I'm just one determined individual. I think when things happen to you salute bottom happens to you. nothing else can touchy. You become almost like a little bit more immune to the stuff you know you become somebody is you want to here on us. Sounds a bit strange is kind of like you feel that you can just go down and reach it. And i'm a little bit more on a spiritual side of things as well connected with the universe of whatever harry paul off out guys out there but i really believe in that because the things that happened to me when i was younger including light the good stuff that happened always leads into something cows and i manifest that i dreamt of the challenges and goals because then i knew where i needed to work to. It was almost put it down on paper and then appeared but my sallow now. I i swear. I'm wrote this down. I dreamt it up by trendless. You'd walk into my foyer and obi this massive feature and he had water running down. Don't have a war features but it's definitely a message when you come in. So how did i know that my son was told grand and be looms and i put that down even the house even the call. I wrote that down. When i was about eighteen that i would get that.

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