Nothing Fun (MM #3621)

The Mason Minute


The minute with kevin mason an old episode of south park of the night the episode with tom cruise and the scientologists and there was a line early napa so that probably watch us episode one hundred times and had never noticed before one of the kids was complaining about the fact that he didn't have any money saving up for a bike and -partment says. Don't you know the first law physics anything. That's fun cost at least eight dollars. I thought to myself there's some truth to that. Now south park being south park but at the same time our free things fun and is free really free. I remember back in radio. We had a rule. We never did free concerts. We always charged at least five dollars. The reason being we found that if somebody put five dollars down they were a little bit more respectful. They enjoyed themselves a little bit more. They weren't as well obnoxious as if it were a free show how. He's noticed that when things were free and people were getting stuff they were always wanting more they were never satisfied now. I don't know if the figures five dollars or eight dollars ten dollars and with the way of the world now who knows if that figures twenty dollars is anything really free. Is that the first fix. I'm joking but no way something to think about.

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