Can Liverpool Snap Their Slump?



Liverpool coming off a result midweek in the champions league thought when we focus on their league form not so great. They've lost three straight for merely outscored eight to two in those matches. Stevie the league form not good but can we throw it out the window based on what you saw. Mid week. Leipzig to be honest. I'm gonna base on scene from evan. Rather than what. I've seen from liverpool. I think we know liverpool. Golden played good football. Hopefully they're going to create. The question is what we take chances. And kinda and that's been their mantra. I think this is over. Evan up until i go a bed the smaller and looked and looked to see what had been said for months. You'll autobahn and use a kind of changed my opinion because i was very comfortable when i went to bed. Before the fact that culvert loons black. You've got allenbach. You got hamas who. I think we'll play as well. So they've kind of a as well as liverpool getting a little bit of a kick from winning against light shake evans going to get a little spot as well for most three at the same time. I don't think is going to be an awful thing. Liverpool will take it a business. You mentioned what carlo ancelotti said. You're in club downplayed this earlier but the reverse fixture of this is where virgil van. Dyke got hurt. We'll liverpool's players be thinking about that. Is that at all a factor in this absolutely not liverpool of other things to worry about right now with those vendettas. And when you stop doing that that affects your game when you start worrying about getting a kick it somebody or gone around and tried to get one on the that's going to affect you as you said liverpool too many other problems where they can. They can do things so i i don't think will have any whatsoever correct. Speaking those other liverpool problems basically been a coin flip over the last couple of months which liverpool we get and it's not really between good and bad. it's between feast and famine and look. There's a clear fight for the top four here between a few teams what one of which up until a couple of games ago look it might be able to make still be but clearly live for sure. I'm not going to catch. Set has been questioned whether anybody will catch them but settling from where pearl are so. There's a clear fight for the top. Four and i think they'll be buoyed by their performance and mid week but i'm with stevia. Initially islanders probably going combat but he's lacking much shoppers. Rodriguez is a talent. But he's not particularly away from home. A place like lever put and going to get the ball here because everton do that home in a way. They often the lawyers for as what liver poke can do with an ev. You know the such a hard team to read it. Belet lasted in a sense. Have lost some crazy games as she are still up there. Everyone had i think the three games in hand up until a week or ten days ago and then they lost home to fill them the loss home to set these kind of expected. The hong end then brushed aside. But i could see lever. Pull getting a result here purely going to dominate the game. And i think eventually it will break down. Of course they're gonna watch learn these pace and behind running the johnson. That's a weak point for liverpool at the moment. But i just feel with us. Top four limited as real. Fight that lever pill get the job done here and could run together to get themselves in their shock. Everton haven't beaten liverpool since two thousand ten have one at anfield since one thousand nine hundred ninety nine. This feels like as good a chance chances. They're going to get ride. No all records falling as far as liverpool is concerned in particular over recent weeks. That format downfield. Now i'm different from the voice. I'm sitting around the fence but leaning everton. I just feel as good. A result was against rb leipzig. Maybe a little bit expected especially given i felt. I thought i'd be like coming into this. A little bit light up front and maybe not threatening liverpool anywhere near as much as you would thought but with covid louis coming back. In particular that make centre-half paramount liverpool will be relying on on henderson. I just feel about their goals for forever time here and as a see i'm sitting on the inside but leading everton i just don't see a liverpool win.

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