A highlight from #433: Unknown


Com for shots a. T. i n. h. o. Franks will support. I'm approaching eight thousand subscribers on youtube a goal and a mission dow oversee achieve this week some time but keep on sharing keep on promoting. Keep them putting out there for me and get the reach up there for me if you can. I very much appreciate a in the comments that milwaukee and would have comes up nice one and of course polka pull just donald the hell out the show. Increased numbers outweigh play. It in the background put the divy. Don't hear my voice. Just help those numbers. Go up. So i can go out there and collect the paper anyway. Lots of stuff on my fluid yucky. Lovely yucky how you in your right. Good mazing how much. I'm doing pretty well. Offense considered could be like i mentioned in the last podcast. Do really ugly a francome. I feel even more ugly. And now that i'm doing this in the daytime and i can kind of see myself. Were actually look like in the camera. And it's all is horrendous. Look really fluffy as i mentioned. Never podcast i feel. I feel like i need a i feel like i need a deep cleanse right. I need a shave. I needed steam room. I need a manicure pedicure. A little massage. I needed to be done once. A what we hope is but again. I'm confident. well. I'm confident in the world or listen to skim rundgren. Tacticians out there. Who are telling us they're going to be able to again until the end of the you strap up. You've got to wear masks of your life. Like get joe on at most. What will happen is that most people were probably carry on their face masks in a tube and close areas where during in close confinement. Yeah coastal confined areas are strangers. People most likely continue wearing those all will end up happening people in the burn them. Some sort of a burning mass burning man esque celebration where they basically do away with the shackles of these face. Coverings that have basically been a symbol of their hopes and dreams being dash for good. What two years of the back of some novel virus that spread from somewhere in fights asia as they've been led to believe but like i said either people weatherman planes and on at an underground services. Only all people don't want him older regardless. Don't worry by let's say much on was will be in a much better especially you realize in a us. You've got nothing to worry about. If you wanna live a carefree life just go just go down to the south and you're basically living in a covert world places like atlanta florida miami texas and stuff right. Basically not caring about the virus. All is quiet gnarly to see in it. You rations taking place for the super bowl. That was a real mind. Fuck me and it was really really impressive to see that there are places in the world where they've just ignored covert finger number one in europe might be. If i'm not mistaken i'm gonna say mo unless they hungry hungry lukachenko's it wasn't was what is the primitives named luke schenker's hungry Prime minister uh confined him. I think as hungry as a place. In hungary where basically the prime minister's like now it doesn't exist here you gotta fake news. Keep on doing what. You're doing confined it. It's a pretty interesting guy actually I think he's apartment of as might be motive. Gore is. let me see if i can get up. I thought it was really prequel russian profile. Something i kind of always retweet is something x. Although the name is. I wish i could get up on. Here is quite hard to find out who you follow got got it. It's a it's a profile. Could ex soviet news or word. Excavate is pretty cool. I recommend you check out Let me see if i can find it. Confined the ego in the person's profile Lukachenko's someone but it's pre pre similar to like run disentis right. Who's i think. Florida or is it miami. Wherever when he is he's at that kind of guy who kind of has effectively ignored evidence that he doesn't exist. It's nothing to worry about. And in this guy who i'm going to appear there you go. I got a name lukashenka where he.

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