People are being taxed for fraudulent unemployment benefits

Clark Howard Show


Like a bolt. Out of the blue you get a obscure. Federal tax form called a ten ninety nine g. g is in government. And it's from your state saying you received unemployment insurance which is just fine if you did get unemployment insurance having been unemployed sometime in twenty twenty and so you report that as essentially income on your federal tax return and you pay taxes on the unemployment benefits. He received fine so far. Except there was such chaos was state labor department's that unfortunately a lot of people received unemployment pretending be you bay would file using identity theft tactics pretending to be someone who may have stayed employed all through the corona virus employment problems and they received that money direct deposited into one of their counts pretending to be you again. And then you get the tax bill. The irs is said not our problem. You go work it out with the state so crazy as it. Is you now have to contact. If you get one of these because otherwise you'll be paying tax on phantom income money you never got somebody got pretending to be you. You have to contact those way. Overtaxed looked state unemployment offices probably have to fill out some state forms. Saying i didn't get unemployment wasn't me probably have to sign an affidavit which means if your y you can go to prison and then they issue hopefully in a timely manner corrected ten ninety nine g they send to the irs and a copy to you showing zero dollars received of unemployment benefits. The irs does not want you to say to them. Hey i didn't get this. They're going to tax you on it until and unless you get it corrected with your state you're gonna have to be persistent. You might need the help of your state legislator who can try to do what's known news constituent service to get this fix for you with your state labor department.

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