This 'indescribable' one-man show has millions rethinking who they are


And i'm eric alexander and our podcast reparations. The big payback explores the legacy of slavery and now white people have rape pillage and tortured black people for centuries and now want to come back. Psa for black history month. This is the psa for black history month beginning february. Eighteenth listen to reparations the big payback produced by color farm media and the black effect on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcasts. I think we think that seeing each other's passback but like when you look at someone it's doing something to them just just the act of observation is doing something to someone when you look at them. You're making judgments or assessments. And that's enough to shape harder food. That person is we are helping. Create one another's identities at any given moment. And i think we're not very conscious that responsibility. I think that we have this paradox of relationship labels where we need labels to narrate and make sense of the cast in this world but then these labels become the thing that we know each other for and we can't see past them the labels actually while they reveal one thing. They conceal everything else at the same time. Who are you. how do you see yourself. How to other c. You does one impact the other. These are some heavy tough questions questions. We usually don't wanna think about but our guest today is asking you to think about it. His one man show turned hulu documentary in and of itself is taking the internet and i will tell you my life by storm if you have not seen it hit pause right now go watch it come back and then you can finish listening. It's hard to describe dark. Saudia his whole show is about labels and how they're an illusion but for a little context. He's an artist a writer or performer creator. He's the one behind in and of itself. One

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