Snorting Tortoise, Cricket and Sarnies, Samosa sarcophagus, Indian feast, Fat free ice-cream - burst 5


To have a little napa afternoon the cricket. Us time starting at nine o'clock perfect for little afternoon nap to prepare one. Two pao ford through the night watching watching the glorious Willow game and that's that's what we have. And i mean i have taught cricket to the japanese chap before and i if any american has the patience of time our love to teach them the wonders of crooked so all this cricket talk an impending test match tonight and up in the series lovely indian friends. I think he's going to be different. I think it's going to be a bunsen burner. Nta tonight so. I think i think i'm gonna have to some of these. Poor caste do sort of a little bit of crooked education. But i'm sort of thinking power through the night as i said watching washing from channel nine england india five five days ahead but i'm a disciplined chap would cricket ever into fair with valentine activities would also that's subtly a pieces for papa near grow your hair longer can

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